Man In Mental Hospital After Chase

By | April 11, 2008

An Albuquerque man is in a Las Vegas mental hospital after investigators say he led police and deputies on a roughly 90 mile chase.

Investigators say it all started with the man trying to “get the devil” out of his girlfriend.

A set of spike sticks and two blown out tires aren’t stopping 24-year-old Jason Griego.  With smoke blowing from the wheel wells of his car he continues east on I-40.

Major Tim Baughman of the New Mexico State Police says “he went about, I think 20 miles with his tires deflated like that at speeds in excess of 90 miles an hour.”  After speeding over another set of spike sticks, Griego ditches his car near Santa Rosa.  You can see state police officers jump out of their patrol units and quickly tackle Griego to the ground, then they cuff him.

Major Tim Baughman of the New Mexico State Police says “he was making references to the lord or to Jesus and he didn’t like being handcuffed and things like that.”  Investigators tell us this all started as a domestic violence call at a gas station in Edgewood.

They say Griego pulled into a Phillips 66 when he saw the numbers 6-6, Santa Fe County investigators say Griego was yelling something about getting “the devil” out of his girlfriend.  A deputy tased Griego then they say Griego punched the deputy in the jaw.  After that, deputies say Griego jumped into his car and led officers on the wild pursuit.  Major Tim Baughman of the New Mexico State Police says “obviously he’s a dangerous driver, he’s driving fast recklessly and the officers are trained to try and protect themselves and the public.”

Investigators say Griego will likely be in the Las Vegas mental hospital for a while. He’s charged with false imprisonment, resisting arrest, evading officers, and battery on a police officer. –11alive

… and trying to remove the devil without a license.

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