Man Hit By Car, Then Train 6 Hours Later

By | September 25, 2008

Man Hit By Car Then Train 6 Hours Later

A Boulder transient was hospitalized after he was hit by a train while walking his bicycle across a railroad bridge in Boulder early Wednesday, about six hours after he was hit by a car.

Police said it was the second trip to the emergency room in six hours for the unlucky man, who had been hit by a car Tuesday night. Boulder police spokeswoman Sarah Huntley said Robert Evans, 46, was found in a creek, about 4:45 a.m., 10 feet under the bridge, and was taken to Boulder Community Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Evans is recovering from injuries to his head and leg after he was clipped by the empty Burlington Northern Santa Fe coal train. Valmont Road and Pearl Street had to be closed for several hours, but have since reopened.The bridge, which is about 50 feet long, is only wide enough to accommodate the train tracks. It is intended for trains only and is marked with warning signs to deter pedestrians from using it.Evans is facing a possible ticket for trespassing, according to police. – 7

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