Man guilty of Potter actor murder

By | March 4, 2009

Karl BishopA man who repeatedly stabbed 18-year-old Harry Potter actor Rob Knox outside a bar in south-east London has been found guilty of murder.

Karl Bishop, 22, attacked the actor, from Swanley, Kent, after a fight outside the Metro Bar in Sidcup.

Mr Knox was stabbed five times as he defended his brother Jamie from Bishop, the court had heard. Five people were also injured in the fight in May 2008.

Bishop, of Sidcup, will be sentenced at the Old Bailey on Thursday.

Mr Knox played the part of Marcus Belby in the film Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince and had been promised a part in the next Harry Potter film.

Bishop, whose face was “screwed up with rage”, armed himself with two kitchen knives and lashed out at the victim and his friends, witnesses said.

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Rob Knox (right) with his mother Sally and younger brother Jamie, 17Rob Knox, (right), was trying to protect his brother, the court heard

Mr Bishop, from Carlton Road, denies murdering Mr Knox in May last year.

Rob Knox, 18, of Swanley in Kent, had a part in the next Harry Potter film.

He was stabbed five times outside the Metro bar in Sidcup.

The court had heard Mr Bishop had come off worst in a fight with Mr Knox and his friends the week before the killing, and again earlier that same night, before going home to arm himself with two kitchen knives.

Brian Altman QC, prosecuting, said in his closing speech: “This man was the aggressor and he was acting out of revenge.

“He wasn’t under attack – because he had the whip hand. He was the one armed with and using two knives.

“Stabbing Rob and his friends was out of proportion to anything happening to him, so over the top that it cannot sensibly be regarded as lawful self-defence.”- bbc

The killer was drunk:

Mr Knox, of Swanley in Kent, was stabbed five times outside the bar as he tried to defend his younger brother Jamie from the defendant, the court heard.

Mr Bishop, of Beaver Lodge, Carlton Road, said he was acting in self-defence. Five others were also stabbed in the row.

‘Back with knives’

Testifying, Miss Jones said: “He was asking me for a kiss and I told him no and he still wouldn’t leave me alone.

“He pulled me by the arm to go away from the Metro bar but I was holding on to my friend Alice’s hands.

“I gave him a peck on the cheek so he would leave me alone but he said ‘I want more than that’.

“He was quite drunk. He couldn’t stand up straight, he was stumbling.” – bbc

Very sad. I like to keep up with the Potter news since I’m sort of a character in the last book.

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  1. dogsounds

    He’s just been sentenced to life. Which, in reality, means he’ll be out of prison in a few years.

    Our justice system pretty much sucks.

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