Man fights aliens, then pops the question

By | July 18, 2006

Man fights aliens then pops the question

Ross Savedra fought aliens to rescue his girlfriend, then popped the question in an out-of-this-world proposal. Savedra, 32, staged his elaborate proposal Sunday afternoon for Ariana Ash, 23, with the help for family members and Roswell’s UFO Museum.Savedra and Ash were touring the museum when a silver-suited, masked alien from an exhibit called “alien autopsy” suddenly abducted Ash from in front of a group of tourists. Savedra dashed through the crowd, fought two aliens and rescued her. Then he dropped to his knees, presented her a ring and asked her to marry him. They embraced in a cloud of shiny colored confetti tossed by onlookers and were applauded by tourists who had been tipped off by the aliens ? Ash’s brother-in-law and stepfather.

“By the way, everyone, she said yes,” Julie Shuster, the museum’s director, announced over the sound system. – yahoo

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