Man Coughs Up Nail Stuck In His Nose

By | April 3, 2009

Going to the doctor does not’t get any weirder than this.

Prax Sanchez went to a hospital for an MRI. “When I went to lay down on the MRI machine, I had a real pain on my right side under my eye,” said Sanchez.

Doctors asked him if he had any kind of metal in his face, perhaps from past procedures, but Sanchez said he wasn’t aware of anything. A short time later, Sanchez coughed up the unimaginable. A nail over an inch long.

“I never had any idea there was any metal in my face,” said Sanchez.

It turns out, Sanchez had an X-Ray done prior to the MRI. When doctors took another look at those X-Rays, they found that a nail was indeed stuck up his nasal cavity. According to doctors, the magnetic force from the MRI dislodged the nail causing Sanchez to cough it up later.

Sanchez’ family doctor, Jamieson Kennedy, determined the nail was up his nose for 30 years. “Once it’s in the nasal cavity like that, a little membrane forms around it,” said Kennedy

To this day Sanchez has no idea how that nail made it up his nose.

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    They should use those specialty ferromagnetic-only metal detectors to screen everyone BEFORE they go in for their MRI. I don’t know if it would have helped this guy with the nail in his nose, but given all of the other stuff that seems to find its way into the MRI magnet, it seems like something more than just a good idea!

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