Man arrested for ‘thinking of a cheeseburger’

By | March 9, 2010

Man arrested for thinking of a cheeseburger

A homeless Gastonia man who allegedly hoisted a sign reading, “I’m thinking of a cheeseburger,” near an interstate off-ramp was charged with violating the city begging ordinance.

Michael Francis McLaughlin, 48, held the cardboard sign on the 500 block of Cox Road near I-85 Friday evening, Gastonia Police Officer J.K. Sarratt wrote on a misdemeanor criminal citation.

Gastonia City Ordinance 5-17 makes it unlawful for anyone to beg or offer to work for money or other compensation by “accosting one another or forcing oneself upon the company of another.” The citation did not state whether McLaughlin had been approaching vehicles.

McLaughlin was charged with unlawful solicitation under the city ordinance and was jailed under a $500 secured bond.

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Poor guy. Where is Gastonia? I’ll buy him a cheeseburger. It would be a Boca burger if I did.

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