Man arrested for putting out brother’s cigarette with fire extinguisher

By | March 8, 2009

CrevoiseratFrederick Crevoiserat asked his brother to put out his cigarette. The brother refused so Crevoiserat sprayed him with a fire extinguisher authorities said. “He wouldn’t put out the cigarette ” Crevoiserat told deputies according to his arrest report “so I put it out for him.” When Pasco County deputies arrived to the apartment on Grand Boulevard in New Port Richey Thursday night they heard the victim screaming and saw his arm still covered in white from the extinguisher. Crevoiserat 39 was arrested on charges of domestic battery and resisting an officer without violence because he allegedly struggled when being handcuffed according to the report. He is being held without bail at the county jail in Land O Lakes.

via Man arrested for putting out brother’s cigarette with fire extinguisher.

Here is another version :

When Frederick Crevoiserat asks you to stop smoking, you have exactly 60 seconds to comply. Frederick Crevoiserat, a 39-year-old New Port Richey man was arrested Thursday after using a fire extinguisher to put out his brother’s cigarette. What’s the problem you ask? He put the man’s cigarette out while he was still smoking it! According to Pasco County Deputies, Crevoiserat was at his apartment when his brother lit up a cigarette. When Crevoiserat asked him to put it out, the man refused. That’s when Crevoiserat allegedly grabbed a fire extinguisher and blasted the man’s arm with fire extinguisher foam. “He Wouldn’t put out the cigarette, so I put it out for him,” said Crevoiserat. When deputies arrived, the man was screaming with white foam still covering his arm. The cigarette was successfully extinguished. Crevoiserat was booked into the Pasco County Jail on charges of domestic battery and resisting arrest without violence. Bond has not yet been set in the case. – weeklyvice

I read in one of the four or five stories I checked before posting this that the event happened in Frederick Crevoiserat’s own house. It seems that was wrong information according to a comment below? Further research shows that the police believe they both live there:

“Crevoiserat lives with his brother, who was not named”. –

If they both were equally on a lease paying rent I still think Freddy would have the right to do this extinguishing.  Then again, is what he did at all dangerous? I don’t really know. I suppose a fire extinguisher used on a person could cause chemical burns or freezing to the skin. In that case, I’d understand the arrest.  I’d use a couple cans of whipped cream instead, if you want to pull a Freddy on someone’s  cancer stick.

If Freddy was a guest of his brother as the commenter says, then he should have exercised his option to leave.  I don’t know the people involved, so I can only react to the stated details. I certainly know the feeling that I imagine Freddy must have felt. I personally feel cigarettes you can’t get away from are a physical attack. For this reason I cheered Freddy for fighting back. For all I know, he may have been trying to save his brother from dying of lung disease.

5 thoughts on “Man arrested for putting out brother’s cigarette with fire extinguisher

  1. charles levy

    first get your facts straight before you write was not freddy crevoiserat house it was and is his brothers.his brother let him stay with him cause freddy the moron got kicked out of his own place make that evicted because he cant get along with people he started a fight with his roomate who actually had to defend himself with a hammer freddy is known to have history of violence against his brother,who i might add is shorter and atleast 70 lbs. smaller than big fred just less than a year ago fred beat his brother with a golf do i know all this? i happen to be a friend of the brothers for about 20 something and have seen first hand the violence and lack of respect freddy has towards before you start stickin up for the guy try and get your story straight freddy is no hero by ant means just somebody who finally got what he deserved and he should have been in jail alot longer and if not years ago but his brother wouldnt have freddy arrested notice he didnt even call the cops and should have when he got beat with a golf once again if you dont know what you are talkin about keep your opinions to yourself .thanks for listening

  2. Patrick O

    The worst part of all this happens to be that idiots publishing this crap do it with no guilt or respect to the victim, these idiots see what they want and ignore the truth. his brother did not deserve it, he was acting like a man and helpin his brother out.

  3. Xeno

    Charles, thank you for the correction to this story. I was basing my view on information that it was Fred’s house in which the event happened. If he did the extinguishing, as you say, while a guest of his brother, then he should have exercised his option to leave. Sounds like it will get sorted out in court.

  4. Almanahiel

    He is his brother, he knewed him well. He reacted as brother, he didn’t use the force which would be over-reactive, immoderate, he didn’ used force as cain did.

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