Man arrested for attempted bible thumping

By | November 30, 2008

photo_servletAuthorities say a street preacher almost hit several runners with a Bible during a holiday race in Clearwater.

Police say 48-year-old Mark Alan Sutto was delivering a street sermon when he interfered with the Turkey Trot 10K on Thursday by shouting at runners, getting in their way and waving a large Bible in their path.

An arrest report says Sutto refused to stop disturbing the run, even after several warnings. He was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.

He remained in jail Saturday on $150 bail. – mftb

There was another attack by a man using a bible last month in New Zealand.

Mr Hawkins says the six candidates were fielding audience questions when “all of a sudden this guy came to the front and he didn’t stop at the microphone”. “He got up on the stage and put the bible above his head and threw it down at me.” – stuff

And a guy named John A. S. once had a dream of being beaten to death by a bible.

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