Make your own aliens, no really.

By | November 14, 2005

Readers of this site and careful UFO researchers know the evidence says there have been man made secret circular winged aircraft (and other shapes) that is, UFOs, for many years (1930’s). Are aliens just propaganda to disguise real military craft … or do they exist?

We can now answer with certainty: Life alien to this planet does exist. We know this for a fact because … we made the aliens ourselves. According to Peter Ward:

“I hope people will wake up and realize this is a whole new biology,” Ward said. “There’s going to be a zoo of aliens on Earth in the next two decades just from what we make.”

… “alien” life has been created in laboratories on Earth. That includes microbes with at least one amino acid beyond the 20 in the DNA of native Earth life, or organisms that have been genetically modified, Ward said. It also includes some life forms that have been modified to be much simpler than what is normally found on Earth.


“We may never find other life away from Earth, but we have already made aliens on this planet and we will continue to do so at an increasing pace,” he said. “In the last five years we’ve come to realize that we can make microbial life in a lot more ways than Mother Earth did.

… Ward presents his new model in a book called “Life As We Do Not Know It: The NASA Search for (and Synthesis of) Alien Life,” published by Viking and being released Thursday. ” – astrobio

When I told someone that we can create life, she said we were really only re-arranging DNA which God had already created. My argument was: Is all writing unoriginal because it uses the same alphabet? Now I see we’ve gone even further. In 2001 there were reports that scientists were working on expanding the genetic code. In 2003 they were successful in creating novel life forms, that is, 21-amino-acid organisms (bacteria and yeast) which just might have an evolutionary advantage over current organisms on this planet which use only 20 amino acids.

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