Lunch with Buffett: 1.68 million dollars

By | June 30, 2009

Lunch with Buffett: 1.68 million dollars

The winner of this year’s charity auction to dine with billionaire Warren Buffett gets a slight discount over last year, but will still plunk down more than $1.68 million for lunch.

Glide Foundation spokeswoman Denise Lamott says the group is thrilled by the auction’s success, even if it is slightly off last year’s record $2.1 million.

Buffett annually auctions off a lunch and donates the proceeds to Glide Foundation, which provides social services to San Francisco’s homeless and poor.

Lamott said Friday that this year’s winner will remain anonymous, at least for the time being.

Buffett, who is Berkshire Hathaway’s chairman and chief executive, is known for both his investing success and philanthropy. He plans to gradually give most of his $36 billion fortune to five foundations.

via Deseret News | National news briefs.

I wonder what they ate. No,  Buffett, the Oracle of Omaha, was not the inventor of Buffet lunches. He has just one too many t’s in his name for that.

A buffet is a meal system where customers generally serve themselves. It is a popular method for feeding a large number of people with minimal staff. Buffets are offered at various places including hotels and many social events. Sideboards are also known as buffets as they may be used to offer the dishes of a buffet meal to guests. It is widely thought that in general the quality of foods at buffets is not on the level of an average “sit down” dinner. The reason being that because buffet food has to be produced in such large quantities, it is often cost and time prohibitive to focus on detail oriented aspects of food such as presentation and perfecting seasoning. However, this is not an across the board rule.

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