Lost Einstein recording put to music

By | November 24, 2016


When I find myself in times of trouble, good old Einstein speaks to me, physics words of wisdom, square of C.

I had a small recording once, of Einstein he said, “I agree.” I put it into music, here, it’s free:

Xeno – Albert I’m Fine. (mp3)

Is this Albert Einstein playing violin? You decide. Happy Thanksgiving!

Do you have words you want put to music?  Just an idea? Would you like a love song for a special someone in your life?

Rates: If you have poetry or lyrics, I charge $100 to put your words to music. For that you get a simple demo with guitar and voice. For $500 you get a full recording ( hear above demo song for example of quality) with up to 10 instruments, you pick the instruments (within reason). If you are a singer, you may also request a full song $500 version without voices so you can sing to your song. Email me.


Credits: Xeno is an award winning songwriter currently working in the Sacramento, California area.




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