Lost Bicycle Swallowed By Tree

By | January 5, 2013


A lost bicycle takes up residence in a Washington tree. A once missing bicycle is serving as a unique and reminiscent piece of art in Vashon Island, located in the Washington state.In 1954, a local resident named Helen received a bicycle as a gift from someone in her community after she became a widow. Helen previous stated “We were given a girl’s bike and my 8-year-old son Don seemed the natural one to ride it.” But one day, Don came home and told his mother that he lost it.As the boy was a little embarrassed about riding a girl’s bike, the family easily forgot about it. Decades later, Helen, now 99 years old, read in a local newspaper that the bike had been found five feet high, embed in a tree. Apparently the tree had grown and taken the bike with it. Both mom and son visited the scene when the story made reports and they both recognized it as the long lost bicycle. One visitor claims that the front wheel of the bike still spins.The bike tree resides approximately 50 feet off of the Vashon highway.

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