Living Dinosaurs Seen in Modern Times?

By | July 1, 2005

Are Living Dinosaurs Seen in Modern Times?

“Reports of strange flying reptiles, some quite large, have continued well into modern times. As we shall see, reports of pteranodons, dragons, thunderbirds, and other similar monsters, are relatively common. … Giant bats, huge super-eagles called “pteratorns” and weird “mothmen” have all been put forward as explanations of these various reports. Now I come forward to state, unequivocably, that I believe these legends and sightings can be attributed to still-living flying dinosaurs-to pterodactyls or, more precisely, pteranodons. ” –educate

flying dinosaurs

It would be nice to find a reasonable explanation for the Mothman event after all these years, but the descriptions of the Mothman were pretty clear. Would some version of a pteranodon have red eyes in its shoulders, muscular legs like a man, and no visible head??

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  1. Ben Stanhope

    As a christan I belive that the mothman was a demon on earth as in the Bible.
    there are many reports of monsters like mothman like the J devil, Chupacapra, orangobati, ect

    The chupacapra for example lives on blood which is not nutrishuos enough for a creature of that sise to live off of.

    It has abnormale abiliys tellicanieses to humans, hipmotisoum towards animales (victoms show no sighns of struggle) and it escapes every trap.

    its smell is so bad It left one man sick and choughing for days an animale with such a strong smell would suficate its self.

    victoms have only two small wounds in the neck how ever when disected the victoms are missing several major orgins with no sighn of how they could have been removed you cant pull a heart though a hole the size of a pen.

    also the mothman chupacapra ect. resemble only one thing on this planit
    Gargoyals, gargoyals were statues of demons made by the rich in the middle ages the statues scared pessents and kept them of property.

    The mothman storys are a bit to strange to be animales to me
    mothman was never sighted by native americans- bigfoot was. mothman apeared out of no ware and sortly reports died down and he vanised. Bigfoot sighting never stop they are still happening.

    Mothman is more like a ghost and the Bible says ghost are demons

  2. George Papadopoulos

    Mr Chuck Missler, in this ‘Learn the bible in 24 hours’ seminars said something very interesting. He mentions that if pterodactyls existed today, they could not fly in our atmosphere. They need our atmosphere to be much much thinker for them to be able to get flight. interesting… helps support canopy theory indeed.

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