Life, liberty and the persuit of happiness: It takes some work.

By | September 15, 2008

Life liberty and the persuit of happiness It takes some workWhat is next for the good old US of A? I’m an optimist, but I read a lot of pessimistic and even paranoid stuff while considering future possibilities. For example:

This seems like a good time to remind everyone that President Bush can declare a national emergency and martial law in the event of an economic crisis… and it sure as hell looks like we have one! – wrh

Some say the  FEMA Executive Orders are pre-planning for the permanent destruction of the Constitution and the institution of a dictatorship. Lets hope not. Unfortunately, many human and constitutional rights have already been stripped by this administration. In times of fright, we “temporarily” give up liberty to get what we think is increased safety. But always, history shows us the choice was wrong.

How many people feel and understand the outrage expressed by Keith Olbermann in the above video?

My hope is that under President Obama, we may have a chance to change to new forms of energy, to restore human rights, to work on climate solutions and to work with other nations to fix problems such as poverty and human trafficking.

Even under Obama, however, some or all of the Executive Orders may be put into effect. If the US, like the rest of the world, is headed for massive oil, water and food shortages, along with severe climate change, and economic crisis, we may need to get more organized to deal with these challenges.

Stay free. Stay skeptical. Don’t overreact. Power corrupts. Maintain checks and balances. Under McCain or Obama, we will need to work to restore, preserve and enhance our basic rights and freedoms.

We should  be harnassing the real power of the Internet. List our top 100 human problems. List the hurdles. For each of those, list the top 10 solutions.  Offer cash prizes and world wide fame for people who invent solutions. Why aren’t we doing this in an organized publicized way??? Make this the news we read each day! Let’s cheer humanity’s achievements toward common goals with the samge gusto we cheer the Olympics.

I’m surprised at not being able to find a list of the top 100 human problems with a google search. I’ll start one in the next post.

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