‘Leprechaun-alien’ snapped

By | August 5, 2008

THIS tiny elf-like figure dubbed the “leprechaun-alien” was caught on camera as he flees a forest.

The wee chap – who looks no taller than 3ft – can be seen running from the woodland just as a tourist whipped out his camera. He was snapped in Lake Tahoe, USA, by holidaymaker Lloyd Deneau, who paused to take a picture of the stunning trees and caught the extraordinary teeny figure. Lloyd, 41, from Florida, swears the image has not been doctored. … He added: “I have a military background and don’t really believe in aliens, but I can’t explain this.” As well as an elf, leprechaun and alien, the figure has even been described as a baby BIGFOOT. – thesun

Notice that his legs seem to be almost invisible. One theory I’ve heard is that bigfoot has a natural evolved ability to become transparent which is why people sometimes report seeing only parts of a bigfoot or alien…

One thought on “‘Leprechaun-alien’ snapped

  1. sussie

    Welll this look real bt is not because is really blurry I think u need to fix it is real like I belive in many things like example aliens ufo and others things bt I don’t know about thiz im not sure abouit this my friend they r loking like wat the heck is this u know bt next time u need more……………photos of aliens or u made this up……

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