Lawsuit Says Is A Fraud

By | February 14, 2011

If You Subscribed To, You May Be Interested In A Class Action LawsuitA class action lawsuit alleges that upwards of 60% of the profiles on are either inactive former users or fake or fraudulently posted. In numerous instances the photos attached to these profiles are of pornographic actresses and models, seemingly stolen from independent websites. relies on the artificially inflated number of profiles to induce prospective members to pay for and join the site, and to deceive its current members into remaining as paying subscribers.

The lawsuit alleges that subscribers were misled into joining and were misled into renewing their memberships based on communications from that active members were trying to contact them when such representations were false.

If you had any dealings with, we would like to hear from you to try to understand the nature of the services offered by this website, the company’s business practices, and how many users were affected. Please contact Bursor & Fisher, P.A….

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L. Timothy Fisher

Happy Valentine’s Day. Those looking for love on line are targets of a tremendous amount of fraud. I hope they nail to the wall. I had a profile on a long time ago (years) and I did meet some people but there were many fake accounts and false solicitations, so I went over to the free site

3 thoughts on “Lawsuit Says Is A Fraud

  1. William Matherly

    I joined on 12/1/2011 and I was not getting any replys after I sent over 100 messages to Members so I canseld my Membership and I do think is a false fake Website and Iam glad I canseld my Membership and but I don’t like either I joined them and use my cell internet I don’t have a computer and I kept getting kick off POF and I kept trying to join again and they would not let me because I use a cell internet so fuck POF and Match ill find love on my own in person to person search when I go out in the public thanksM William Matherly.

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