Last-of-Kind Giant Galapagos Tortoise May Become Father

By | July 26, 2008

Lonesome George, the long-living Galapagos Islands giant tortoise thought to be the last of his subspecies, might soon be a father.

The Galapagos National Park announced Monday that a female tortoise that has accompanied George since 1993 laid three intact eggs that are being cared for in an artificial incubator.

The female belongs to the closest existing phenotype to that of George, though they are from different islands and hence different subspecies.

The eggs have appeared “after 36 years of multiple efforts … when we thought it was impossible for the tortoise known as Lonesome George to reproduce,” the park said in a statement.

Found in 1972 on Pinta island, George is estimated to be in his 70s — middle age for a giant tortoise.

It will take another 120 days to learn if the eggs are viable. – fox

0 thoughts on “Last-of-Kind Giant Galapagos Tortoise May Become Father

  1. Ann

    Little known fact about Galapagos tortoise: they can hop around like a bunny on their hind legs, when no one is looking! – from Fiction is Stranger Than Fact by Ann

  2. lonesome mark

    hey dumb asses,
    if you would put him back where he came from. and stay the HELL away! things may work out for his species. if not. at least he can join the ranks of extinction in peace… but NO…. stupid people who slaughtered him and ALL! his kind, have to torment the poor thing with cameras! and the like… and stress him to the point he will never mate. he will just go through the motions…
    I’m just guessing. and I’m no scientist. i have no degree’s to speak of.. but i bet he DONT like you stupid humans. regardless what you dim-witted people think… you fools! leave him alone! that dumb broad in the picture should eat a bullet! and anyone else looking for a photo at this creatures expense should do the same.
    piss off all of you!

    1. hannah

      i bet they dont like the other things it lives with eather but its life and hate to telll ya i dont like spiders ether that dosent mean i want them alll dead ether and i dont see anyone saying i should be dead becuse i got a pic with it it not going to die she just has an intresst in it and shes shareing it with everyone if i saw a gient turtle walking by your going to telll me you will just ceap walking no but if she hurt it or something i could see but takeing a pic with it come on ppl its NOT GOING TO HURT IT COME BACK TO LIFE

  3. Cheng

    I think the key wording here is “last of his kind”. You may not be a scientist, but I think it’s a generally well known fact that for a species to survive, at least 2 are required. Preferrably of the opposite and contrary gender.
    Unless this poor old fella has hidden skills in cloning, I’m guessing he won’t make it on his own!

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