Largest Lightsaber Battle Ever: Bristol Flashmob (video)

By | February 25, 2010

Largest Lightsaber Battle Ever: Bristol Flashmob (video)

Hundreds of wannabe Jedi warriors took the fight against evil to a galaxy not very far away by unleashing their lightsabers in a shopping center in England, The Sun reported Wednesday.

Dozens of shoppers smuggled imitation weapons into the Cabot Circus shopping center in Bristol, southern England, to take part in what was dubbed “the world’s largest lightsaber fight.”

The spontaneous event, organized on Facebook, saw Luke Skywalker fans dressed in brown robes clash with supporters of his sworn enemy Darth Vader.

A four-minute video of the flashmob, complete with Star Wars theme tune, was viewed more than 124,000 times after being posted on YouTube. The video was filmed and edited by Scott Waller, Benjamin Gabb and Dan Tonkin.

The clip even made it onto the official Star Wars website in the U.S.

Student Scott Waller, who filmed the Feb. 13 event, was among the sci-fi devotees at the fight.

The 20-year-old, from Bristol, said: “It was quite spontaneous.

“The organizers had just said take your lightsaber and go at it with whoever was stood next to you … There was slight police presence, but that was more to do with stopping any trouble that might have happened.

“The comments we’ve had on the website have been really good, and we’ve had a massive response from people in America saying that (they) should have something like that there,” Waller said.

Source: The Sun

The Lightsaber Flashmob in Bristols Cabot Circus on 13th February 2010.  The Video was filmed and edited by Scott Waller, Benjamin Gabb and Dan Tonkin. Flashmob Organiser-
Tom Merchant-Locke, Daniel Morgan Jones, Liam Penn – youtube

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