Lake Cheko: impact crater for Tunguska Event?

By | May 22, 2012

Lake Cheko in the Siberian region of Tunguska has recently emerged as a candidate for an “impact site”
linked to the famous Tunguska explosion of 1908. Credit: / University of Bologna

Early on the morning of June 30th, 1908, a huge explosion occurred in a remote part of Siberia near the Podkamennaya Tunguska River. So great was the blast that trees were knocked down in neat rows for nearly a thousand square miles and the sky lit up from parts of Asia to Great Britain. What caused that explosion has never been firmly settled. Most researchers agree that it was the result of either a comet or meteoroid, with most leaning towards the former due to the lack of both an impact crater and meteoroid fragments. Now however, a research team from Italy says that they have found proof that it was in fact a meteorite that struck the Earth and that a nearby lake is the impact crater. They have published the results of their findings in Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems.For years, amateurs and professionals alike have debated the cause of the Tunguska Event, as it’s come to be known as. Some suggest it was the work of extraterrestrials while others say it was god’s way of getting our attention. Serious scientists, on the other hand, have suggested its most likely cause was a comet melting and then vaporizing as it hit, leaving no real evidence behind. Unfortunately, that theory doesn’t hold up very well in light of the fact that scientists have found differences in the levels of carbon, nitrogen and isotopes of hydrogen and iridium, from the surrounding area which are similar in some respects to those found with certain asteroids. Also, tiny particles that sort of resemble meteorite components have been found in the wood of the fallen trees. None of this evidence can rule anything out however as it could mean there was a comet that had some rocks in it or a meteorite that vaporized due to a soft composition.The Italian teams says it was a meteorite and claim they have proof of their assertion in the form of an as yet uncovered piece of something tangible beneath the sediment at the bottom of Lake Cheko; a shallow funnel shaped lake approximately five miles from where most believe was ground zero for the explosion.The team came to this conclusion after performing seismic measurements on the lake bottom in 1999 which showed that sentiment had been building for just about a hundred years, which would of course put it close to the Tunguska Event and also gave evidence of something dense near the middle of the lake.Further evidence came to light they say in 2009 when they returned to the lake and performed a magnetic survey, which they say showed an anomaly in the same location as their seismic measurements had detected. Now, after three more years of studying evidence they collected from the site, they’ve concluded that Lake Cheko is indeed an impact crater and that the dense object beneath the lakebed is the smoking gun.Others of course aren’t so sure, and likely will remain pessimistic until someone digs up the object and studies it, proving it to be nothing more than a regular rock, or an object from space that left an impact crater as it struck over a century ago, finally solving the mystery.

via Research team claims to have found evidence Lake Cheko is impact crater for Tunguska Event.

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      1. robertmyrland

        I have told this before and here I go again!…

        Because I remember my past life and I remember how I died and where I died as Ato (ATO was my past life name, prognoses as A-2) and I remember where I was at the point of my death as Ato. There was me and 2 otter people in the “Reactor room” when the craft that I was on-board detonated over Tunguska 1908 and there was 200+ lifeforms on-board with was spread all over the craft with had a diameter of at least 240 meter. To put things in English understanding, I have to use words such as Reactor room but in reality its not a reactor, I just put that name to simplify things as I write.

        I am not the only one that remember what happens the last minutes before the craft detonates over Tunguska 1908, there was 2 otter people in the “Reactor” room the last 35-40 minutes before the craft detonates. And these 2 I have found again to day in my current incarnation, one of these was the captain on-board the craft with name was Crynon and is reincarnated as Chad Underwood and lives in California USA and he remember the same as I do and he even take the words out of me when I explains what I remember he just continue the part of my memories and it match 100% with what I supposed to tell. The otter one who was in the “Reactor” room at the time was not supposed to be there at all, he had nothing there to do at all and he is reincarnated as Henning M. Velten and lives in Sweden and remember the same as I so 100% alike that its hard to discard it as not being from the same event even he do not remember where ever or not this has something to do with Tunguska 1908 or not, newer the less the memory are the same so the same that u cant just discredit it as being from another similar event from the past.

        Henning and Chad has newer meet in this lifetime and Chad does not know anyone in this lifetime with the name Henning and I have newer told Chad about Henning so they do not know about each otter, except for henning has been told that his story also match with another person named Chad and I newer disclosed Chad’s family name for Henning so there is no way they ever talked and therefore their same story cant be the reason of a plan to fool me.

        I remember that it was June or July and I always had these 2 months confused with each otter in this lifetime so I wonder if I didn’t have same problems with that as Ato to but I don’t know for sure but I remember it was in the middle of the month regardless of with month it was we did take of from a planet in the Andromeda galaxy named Zhenon (Captain Crynon’s home-planet and Galactic Federation’s main base planet) and before we take of I remember having a discussion with my best friend on the ground in front of a large beamship production hangar with the door size of about 500 meter wide and 3 meter tall, thats how big the hangar opening was and I remember while I talk to Crynon (my best friend) that it comes large sections out of there with is part’s to Beamship’s and I worked inside there when I was not out on duty in deep space. I was a Beamship engineer, that was my profession, my life and my passion. Anyway back on track while I talk to Crynon someone else that I am very sure is the to days Henning come there and say that we should not go there at this time due to some HIGH activity of FLUX interference from Hyperspace and we was warned to go to earth at that time with that type of craft we was going with there but the captain ignored that warning and I remember he just smiled when he was told that and he just look me and said lets go so we did go. Travel time from Zhenon to Earth did take about 20 hours with is a bit slow but we had a stop somewhere else in the milky way before we landed at earth, not sure where but it was something about science with plant life, etc. The same was the reason for come here it had to do with some plant and animal life science so we as a beamship crew just fulfilled the requests from some scientist man who wanted to study some earth DNA from some plants and animals, I think the needed DNA was some needed parts of a project going on at Zhenon at the time because at these civilizations the kids as well as the adults have projects together, one girl and one boy or woman and man have projects together for learn about many different things and I think this was the reason for go there, some project needed something on earth and this is pretty normal all the time on many planets out there. Anyway on to the rest of it…

        So when we come here we come in over Norway and as we descended we flew from there and over Sweden, Finland and to the target: Tunguska where we had no interruption from earth humans and therefore a very safe place to be without being seen by earth humans.

        So we did land in Tunguska and with land means that we go down just such low that we can beam down the scientists so they can go out do the things they wanted to do, and I personally have no interest in what they are doing or why because I keep my ass where I am ordered to be and that is not outside the craft but inside the “reactor” room with basically are a big room where the implosion free energy generator resides, thats my work space and thats where I liked to be, just sometimes up in the control room to talk with my friends and the captain with always had a bird on his right shoulder and I loved that bird and it was very intelligent and talked as a human and responded as a human if u asked the bird anything it would reply back as any human would.

        I remember when we come in over Tunguska that the captain had to readjust some frequencies and harmonics to the gravity in the “reactor” to readopt to the ongoing FLUX because this effects the crafts G-Compensation Shield or field that is an endless ongoing process around the craft at all times and depending on how powerful this shield are it will let you see directly in to the craft or i its powered up to very high power the craft will be “swallowed” by a white light so that the whole craft will look like a ball of light. And this field of energy originates from the crafts “reactor” room with is a large round crystal “stone” that converts piezoelectric processes to electromagnetic waves + that it acts as a implosion generator that “suck” in large amounts of the blue electromagnetic waves (Octave) and then the energy are converted and compressed locally in the stone then emitted out from the stone as extreme powerful electromagnetic waves that are used as part of the beamship’s drive system as well as to block out 3D natural laws of Physics so that the laws of nature cant grip the craft and nature will by all means have no option to grip the craft unless there are very high flux because wild flux can collapse the field around the craft in such a way that it does not loop anymore, with will make the craft very heavy for short moments and if the flux are very wild as it was at the time the craft can not get the loop going because the flux shorting the loop and I remember that lighting from the edges of the craft did appear and did shoot from there and down to the ground, this are going on all the time and the lighting are interrupting with the loop of the very important G-Compensation Shield.

        We find us self stranded there and cant take of, we try to rise the craft to abut 400 meter but then we loose the loop, I am ordered down into the “reactor” room to try adjust the harmonics on the photon modulator to match the flux with is in it self a very hard task and thats why I had a special engineered body as Ato, because to be a beamship engineer require that your body has specific functions to meet some very important features such as frequency reading in the light spectrum. I take my hand into the wall, I remember my hand is glowing as a ball of light as if my hand was teleported into the wall and I grip some fiber cables behind there and the captain sending me telepathically messages continuous so that I will readjust to adopt to the flux and we was in panic at the time because we are now at 400 meters over the ground and the craft is descending faster than any of us like because the G-Compensating field fails to loop and therefore the nature grip the craft and drags it down with gravity. We have full panic and while I am in the “reactor” room doing this adjustments to adopt I ask Crynon for help as I have problem to readjust because of all the harmonics involved so the captain come into the room (teleporting him self there) and goes with his hand directly into the paneled white wall just 10 meters behind me or so and we now become a team to readjust the “reactor” to all wild flux outside. Doing so we was able to land without killing our selfs (leaving the craft there to be found by humans) and therefore we had the option to try one more and once more so after 3 tries we got the order to detonate the craft because galactic laws are strict and basically says that u cant leave any traces of our technology on a such primitive planet because that will only lead to one world order with wont be nice, it would be a disaster if the Russians got the hold of that craft and the world to day would not be the same.

        We also have a different life look on death because we know we will just reincarnate forever so we aren’t that fixed with absolutely live to the end of natural death if something like this should happen, therefore we do not feel like afraid to die and to the panic we had on-board was not to the fear to die but to the fear for die without detonate the craft as I stated that would lead to disaster for the future earth.

        So then you wonder why we not tried to move out of the area where the flux was going on, that because as long we don’t get loop of the field around the craft we cant move any direction because we have to use all sections of the craft just to try take of and a try to move sideways while struggling to get the loop going will just make the craft in a danger to flip around and then we will lose control without the option to do anything because our beamships cant fly on its head because most of its nano coils are placed in the bottom of the craft.

        On our last try we did rise to as high over the ground as possible to save the nature as much as possible from the blast and for make sure that as little as possible regards to the fragments of the craft will be recovered.

        When a implosion engine detonates it materialize a extreme powerful electromagnetic light blue wind from energy plane 2 and this field of energy are unlimited in our universe and therefore its extreme powerful and thats why the wind did go all around the planet more than one and a half turn before it lost power.

        A old lady in Norway witness the bang and told before she died in somewhere around 1984 and she was on here balcony at time in 1908 and did witness a huge blue light in the direction of Russia and she said it was like a blue big ball of light and it was so bright that she did think that world war 3 had started. No one go this witness on tape so I cant verify here story but what she said is in line with what would happen when a beamship with a implosion engine detonates. She said that she was not able to hear any sound from the thing that she believed was a atomic bomb going of but a few minutes later when she was inside she noted that there was a strong wind outside and she did now believe that hell had broke loose, she did think it was the pressure wave from the bomb that made that wind. The blue light must have reached very high in the atmosphere since someone not to far away but still in Norway was able to see the light when it detonated. Doe it is true that this woman lived very high in the Norwegian mountains it is a hell of a blast to been seen all the way to there.

        The pressure from the blast and the heat from the blast would have compressed the ground a lot but not to create a crater such as in the picture above. The crater would have that sharp radius as seen in the picture above and it would not be so hot that it can melt stone but the heat would go up to about 6000 Celsius instantly in the center of the craft at the point of donation but rapidly decrease since the EM energy are by nature could where it comes from so that the trees that was blown over would maybe experience a slightly colder temperature than the temp at the time before the blast.

        The last thing I remember on-board the craft is that Captain ask me what is the frequency, what is the frequency and I told the frequency and e modulated to match the sound modulator and this put a such stress on the implosion motor or if u will generator that the crystal start crack, when that happens the cracks create peaks with makes energy come uncontrolled from energy plane 2 and 3 and this leads to a hole with the this reality and the energy plane 2 and 3 dimension and the hole will stay open for maybe as long as 10 sec and as long its open energy from your unlimited universe just flow in with speeds over the speed of light and manifests it self where the crystal was before and after detonation.

        As a final note I remember the whole situation and as well more past life events on earth as a star-being and all of the memory are so clear that its clearer that a memory from 2-3 weeks ago in this lifetime.

        And I am not the only one who remember…

        I am busy with my new marriage and family life in Cebu, Philippines but I try answer any questions as best I can.

  1. Robert Myrland

    An small write error has to be corrected! I say that the port size are 3 meter tall and 500 meter wide, the correct are 300 meter tall and 500 meter wide. I will also state that the grandma that told the story about her experience in Norway when she was a child did not tell me this directly and I did hear that story from someone else related to that woman. And its a bit funny to because according to here relative that told me about his grandma story state that she think it was a atomic bomb that go of but that must be a error from the man who told me about it or it must be the grandmas mind that aren’t fully operative and she told this just little bit before she died with left me to think she struggled with memories due to that she was very old, because there was no atomic bombs ever made in 1908.

    Nevertheless she did come forward with details that match the info that I already know as facts and since there did not exist any nuclear bombs in 1908 you can drop any bomb theory, furthermore you can also drop that a big stone exploded over Tunguska 1908 because big stones as general news media want it to be does not create blue light and does not detonate by it self before it hit the ground. If a stone heading this way and detonates before it hit the ground then it must be bombs onboard the stone in the first place and if so (whit it is not) then it must have been placed there by aliens in the first place because stones do not just blow up before they hit the ground and even if they did where is the glass from the impact? There is no glass found and there will newer be found any glass and in impact mechanics it is known that impacts create glass by the heat.

    Besides that if anyone claim that stones detonates by it self and then become as powerful as an 10+ megaton atomic bomb then that people should go to the doctor and have their brains checked out for errors. Stones just dont blow up by them selfs. Its about time that the science of this planet got a grip on reality please!

  2. B'Gates

    Tunguska was Tesla, verified by Rev. Cottrell (trance channeler).
    Anything else is baloney, like our pal Atothree

    1. Robert Myrland

      Tunguska had nothing to do with tesla, besides that there is many people that was on-board the craft that detonated over tunguska and many of them has incarnated here and remember all of it.

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