Keynote for UFO Festival: I Remove Alien Implants.

By | November 13, 2005

“… Roger Leir, a California podiatrist … has written five books on the subject of alien implants. He has performed 11 surgeries to date to remove “alien implants” from abductees. implantguyHe performs the surgeries for free through his nonprofit organization, A&S Research. Leir also was a consultant on the TV show “X-Files” and has appeared on programs on the History Channel and SciFi Channel.

“… The first thing I noticed is that there was no scar on either one of these cases. I couldn’t see where any object could go in. The first thing I took out was in the big toes. It was a T-shaped thing covered with dark-gray biological coating.”

“… There is one that really blew me away, even now when I think of it. There was a lady who came in, she had a marble-sized object in her arm that moved. And if you put your finger 2 inches away from it, it would come toward your finger. When we removed it, it was a pea-sized yellow object that was completely biological. It was not attached to anything. Now, I’ve done surgery for over 40 years, and I’ve never seen anything like it. ” – statesmanjournal


Neato. Read the DNA analysis of this Alleged Alien Implant (PDF) and learn some science. Here is another, which unlike ‘the claw’ above is as yet unexplained:


I removed the object from the surgical sponge and placed it in the solution of blood serum for safekeeping and transportation. When this was done I noted the stainless steel instrument I had just used to transfer the object had been magnetized. This again is strange because these instruments are made to reduce the possibility of this occurring.

The patient is recovering nicely from the procedure and has gone home to her family. We have just sent the soft tissue surrounding the object to the laboratory for analysis. The metallic object is about 6mm in length and is about 1mm in diameter. It is bronze in color and seems to have thickened and beveled ends. It is very lightweight and highly magnetic. Once close up photographs have been performed with such equipment as the atomic force microscope, the object will go for its first internal test of scanning electron microscopy. The full results of these examinations will be available in the Mufon Journal at a later date.


9 thoughts on “Keynote for UFO Festival: I Remove Alien Implants.

  1. yucel

    Hi I have alien implant and want to remove it .But my economical conditions is not enough to surgery.Can you help me a find a way remove it free?


  2. Ann

    yucel, give a description of your implant. Where is it? How long have you had it? How did it happen to be implanted? Is it currently inflamed? Does it give you problem? About how deep is it? What color is it on the surface? Is it warm to the touch? Does it cause you any pain?

  3. timothy dromgoole

    i have a problem with my bones and muscles also stomach problems, it all started after i had a wierd dream, will only discuss dream in person…….i believe something was placed in my archilles tendon or ball of the foot area

  4. Ann

    So, the site of the implant itself, Achilles tendon or ball of the foot, isn’t a problem and it’s not otherwise unusual? The problem appears to be more diffuse, affecting muscles and bones. Perhaps, you don’t need a surgeon, now, but someone to talk to about the problems and the dream. A surgeon, after all, needs an exact location to cut. The person you choose to talk to about the problem may help you define the cause or location of the problem or problems and help decide if and when you need a, and what kind of, surgeon.

  5. neil brownlee

    hi there i believe i have 3 implants. one in both knees and one in my right elbow ive had them for years..i also have some scary abduction type dreams and so has my partner conciding on the same night…

  6. Dharan

    Hi, I might have an implant. BB size hard object just under skin in left forarm. my recollection of this putative implant begins around the same time I saw a 4 foot tall glowing creature in my back yard. Always been curious, but didnt have the balls to mention it to anyone. Who is qualified to check this out – without checking me into the nut house?

  7. Dharan

    Probably should have mentioned above that the object does not hurt, is not inflamed, and is only noticeable when pinching the skin around the area. So who looks at these things to verify whether they are of interest? who removes them?

  8. holly

    2 years ago i woke up with a tiny metal rod in my mouth, obviously i was a bit freaked out so i spat it out and threw it away.
    since then i have strange dreams about people i don’t know, but in the dream i know they are not human.
    Could i have been abducted?

    1. Xeno Post author

      Yes, but there may be another explanation such a piece of a lamp falling into your mouth while you slept. Next time save any rods for analysis. Physical evidence is very important in cases which may involve aliens.

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