Kenya mob kills 11 accused of being witches

By | May 23, 2008

Kenya mob kills 11 accused of being witches

A group of up to 300 young men killed 11 people who were accused of being witches and wizards in western Kenya, in some cases slitting their throats or clubbing them to death before burning their bodies, officials said.

The gang moved home to home through two villages, using a list of suspected witches and wizards and the kind of spells they were believed to have cast on the community, said Ben Makori, a local councilor.

“The villagers are complaining that the (suspected) wizards and witches are making the bright children in the community dumb … These (suspected) witches are not doing good things to us,” Makori told The Associated Press.

Deputy police spokesman Charles Owino said that the gang hunted down the eight women and three men in the western Kenya villages of Kekoro and Matembe. Most of the victims were over the age of 70, Owino said.

Senior administrator Njoroge Ndirangu said that the gang hunted down their victims Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.

A police officer, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to talk to the media, said that investigators had little hope of making progress because the villagers had refused to identify the people who carried out attacks. – sfgate

Are the police officers in Kenya worthless? They need a show of force. Time to round up the entire village and put them ALL in jail. Release the ones willing to talk. Call in reinforcements and use the military if necessary. Start a mandatory education program and allow people to have guns in their homes for personal protection.

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  1. Xeno Post author

    To clarify my point, Kenya is a big place. The roundup should just happen where the violence happened and it would just be a temporary thing until they figure out who did what. No torturing or anything.

    I haven’t heard that Muslims anywhere are forming mobs to kill people as witches. Where that happening?

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