Judge To Mom: ‘No More Sex’

By | April 1, 2006

Judge To Mom No More Sex

A Brevard County mother accused of killing her own child is facing unusual sanctions.A judge has ordered her to not have sex, WESH 2 News reported. Prosecutors say Jaclyn Helsel, 20, gave birth to two babies just seven months apart, and they said she threw the second one out with the trash. So, a judge is trying to make sure she does not get pregnant again. Helsel was originally ordered held without bail, but she was released on Friday morning after a judge agreed to a $35,000 bail. WESH 2 News was there when she was released from jail on Friday, but she refused to comment. Last month, Helsel was arrested on a charge of aggravated manslaughter after the premature birth of a baby. Prosecutors said she failed to get any medical attention for the newborn boy, who was born at home and then put in the garbage dead. “It’s something that is very tragic and unnecessary in this case,” said prosecutor Julia Lynch.? Helsel had to do more than satisfy the $35,000 bond. She had to agree not to have sexual intercourse, and to not even associate with any male over the age of 15 unless she’s supervised. “It’s reasonable because it will prevent another unwanted pregnancy,” Lynch said. – WESH

That’s dumb and probably violates a constitutional right. Have people in Florida never heard of birth control? Has anyone seen the world population lately? 6.5 billion people. Okay, that’s enough people. Too many, actually. Y’all need to stop breeding like rabbits. You’re depleting the oceans, polluting everything and heating up the planet.

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