JFK Library to Release Last of His Secret Tapes

By | January 24, 2012

JFK Library to Release Last of His Secret Tapes

President John F. Kennedy’s library is releasing 45 hours of privately recorded meetings and phone calls, providing a window into the final months of his life.

The tapes include discussions of conflict in Vietnam, Soviet relations and the race to space, plans for the 1964 Democratic Convention and re-election strategy. There also are moments with his children.

On one recording, made days before Kennedy’s assassination, he asks staffers to schedule a meeting in a week. He tells them he’s booked for the weekend, with no time to meet with an Indonesian general then, either.

“I’m going to be up at the Cape on Friday, but I’ll see him Tuesday,” JFK tells staffers.

The tapes, being released Tuesday by the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, are the last of more than 260 hours of recordings of meetings and conversations JFK privately made before his assassination in Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963. …


They are not releasing about 30 min due to national security concerns. Who do you think he was going to meet? Did he mention aliens? His plan to disband the intelligence agency?

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  1. jim carlin

    assassination is a cowards way
    sadly those aren’t courageous enough to
    live in the world most of us struggle in
    doing your work paying your bills caring for family and friends
    takes more effort and commitment than loading a gun

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