Jesus may have visited Scotland according to Scottish minister

By | December 9, 2009

Jesus may have visited Scotland according to Scottish ministerIf he existed as a real historical person (see the Flavian hypothesis), then it is fair to wonder if he hung out with the Druids.

Jesus may have walked on Scottish soil in the prime of his life says Church of Scotland minister Dr Gordon Strachan.

Dr Gordon Strachan claims that Jesus may have visited Scotland before turning 30. Speaking on The Hour, Strachan said Jesus “wouldn’t have missed the chance” to visit Scotland if he had travelled all the way to England with his uncle, Joseph of Arimathea, as he believes he did.

In 1804, British poet William Blake first suggested the theory when writing that Jesus came to Britain and “walk[ed] upon mountains green.”

While researching for his book, Jesus the Master Builder, the retired Edinburgh University lecturer of History and Architecture used these legends as a starting point to try and prove a network of connections between the Celtic world and Mediterranean culture and philosophy.

“My first question is ‘why shouldn’t he have come?’. Nobody knows what happened to him till he was aged 30. That’s a long time

“There were legends he went to Egypt and to India but then there are also legends that he came to Glastonbury, to Cornwall.”

Strachan was first converted to the idea that Jesus came to England after speaking to friends and he quickly became involved in his own research.

“I went down to Glastonbury and looked around and then went out to Israel on a job for two years so I got both ends of the story.”

The former professor believes that if Jesus did make the long journey to the UK then he would have done so for a deep reason, most likely to further his education.

“His uncle was Joseph of Arimathea and he came with his uncle for the tin mines. He added: “Eventually he came to Glastonbury and he built a church.

“He probably was going to say hello to the druids.” …

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