Japanese firms unveil ‘robocop’ with net to nab crooks

By | February 3, 2009

Prototype T-34 security robot throws a net during a demonstration in Tokyo, 22 January 2008Two Japanese companies have unveiled a security robot that can be commanded from a mobile phone to hurl a net that traps suspected intruders.

The prototype T-34 was developed jointly by robot firm Tmsuk Co and security firm Alacom Co.

It moves at up to 10km/h (6mph), and can be controlled by someone seeing real-time images on a mobile phone.

The small robot is built on wheels and is equipped with sensors that can detect the movements of intruders.

“Security sensors often set off false alarms but examining the location with the robot will lead to more efficient operations,” said a statement from the companies.

via BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | Japanese firms unveil ‘robocop’.

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