It’s raining dead men around Heathrow. 2,000ft horror jet plunge

By | September 12, 2012

Its raining dead men around Heathrow 2000ft horror jet plunge

A MAN found dead on a quiet suburban street was a suspected stowaway who had plunged 2,000ft from a plane.

Cops believe he tumbled from the undercarriage as the jet was coming in to land at Heathrow.

Shocked residents told yesterday of their horror at seeing the man’s body lying on the pavement in leafy Mortlake, South West London.

Supermarket worker Jamie Notley, 19, said: “I was on my way to work when I heard a loud thump on the ground.

“I decided to walk further down to see if anyone had been hurt. It was horrific.â€

Billy Watson, 26, who lives opposite where the body fell, said: “It was about four hours before the police covered him. Nobody was allowed out of their house, you could hear them saying, ‘stay inside!’â€

The area — ten miles from Heathrow — is under a flight path where planes open their undercarriage and lower wheels ready for landing.

Experts believe the victim — said to be in his 30s and from North Africa — was probably dead before he fell on Sunday morning.

Richard Taylor from the Civil Aviation Authority said: “Temperatures in the undercarriage reach -40°C at high altitudes, so he’s basically frozen to death. There is virtually no chance of someone surviving.

“Very often people get crushed to death by the landing gear when it retracts.

“It is surprising that people still do it. I guess they don’t realise they have very little chance of surviving.â€

via The migrant who fell to earth in 2,000ft horror jet plunge | The Sun |News.

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  1. Fred Killer

    Little chance is better than no chance.

    When you’re facing certain death I guess you choose to go on your own terms.

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