Israeli air raids on the Gaza Strip continue – 28 Dec 08

By | December 28, 2008

Israeli air raids on the Gaza Strip continue - 28 Dec 08

For a second day, Israeli aircraft have pounded what they say are Hamas targets in Gaza. The death toll has risen to at least 280, among them women and children. Hamas has vowed not to cave in, but Israel’s operation could soon escalate. Tanks have massed at the Gazan border, and Ehud Olmert’s office says military reservists are being mobilised. The UN Security Council has demanded an immediate end to the violence, and Egypt is trying to broker a ceasefire. But the airs raids are continuing… – yt

Stupid humans. If killing innocent people actually worked as a means to solve disputes, the Middle East would be the most peaceful place on the planet.

In my upcoming movie, Golden Rule, alien ships appear over the Earth in a gold ship for a period of seven years, during which time, due to advanced alien technology everyone gets what they intend to give. Anyone who pulls a trigger or pushes a button with intent to kill dies instantly, but they experience their own death in the manner they would have caused the other person to die.

This accomplishes a surgical removal of greed and murderous impulses from the human race and it gets our evolution on the right track again.

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