Isaac Newton’s rare ‘theory of everything’ says Gravity is a Push force.

By | December 16, 2006

Isaac Newtons rare theory of everything says Gravity is a Push force

A new transcription of Isaac Newton’s “theory of everything,” providing rare insight into the scientist’s views on nearly all known natural phenomena, is now available online to scholars around the world, thanks to an Indiana University research team.

Isaac Newton, the seventeenth-century physicist and astronomer whom many consider the leading figure in the history of science, is widely known for his theory of gravitational attraction, which according to legend, he contemplated after observing a falling apple. .

“This is a highly significant testament of Newton’s philosophy that has remained up to now unedited, untranslated and virtually unnoticed by Newton scholars,” Newman says, referring to a section of the document that is written in Latin.

“The manuscript is important in part, because it shows how Newton linked alchemy to his early theory of gravitation,” Newman says. “Many alchemists had argued that an ethereal substance circulated between the center of the earth and the sun, and that this invisible material was responsible for combustion, for the subterranean generation of metals, and for the preservation of life in general. In ‘Of Natures obvious laws’ the young Newton adopted this alchemical theory and modified it by saying that the ether pushed all matter towards the center of the earth, hence accounting for why things fall.” – physorg

It is dramatic to me that Isaac Newton thought of gravity as a push force. Some modern ideas for anti-gravity devices include shielding this push force. A highly regarded Physicist working in the field once told me when we spoke in person, however, that “The push model of gravity does not explain why the more mass you have, the more gravity you have.” I think, however, that a push force which mostly passes through mater, only mildly pushing it, answers this objection. The more mass you have, the more shielding you have.
The push model, it seems to me, predicts a maximum amount of matter, beyond which all of the push force has been shielded. At that point, adding more matter would not create any more gravity. The discovery of a maximum gravity 5×10^18 kg/m^2, for example) would suggest the push model is correct. So far no maximum has been shown to exist.

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