Is shooter an imposter?

By | July 30, 2012

Take a look at this. Unlike the different Bin Laden’s with real different sized noses, I don’t find this at all compelling. I think it is supposed to be a joke. This is the same guy, different expressions, head tilted up slightly more in the red hair photo. Looking at where the eyes are in the insert of the noses, you can see the long node photo is stretched.

Does anyone of you out there really think after looking at this that the red haired guy is an imposter? I should put up a poll…

0 thoughts on “Is shooter an imposter?

  1. Fred Killer

    Another false flag attack to further gun control law, no doubt. Either way, it will be used politically to that end.

    Ultimately, if people are still dumb enough to believe the modern mass media, they deserve to be rounded up and shot. Good riddance!

    Same goes for smokers. Stupid ignorant morons with absolutely zero self-respect, much less for anyone else.

    I pity them but will not mourn their passing. If you’re going to commit suicide, do it quickly and cleanly, involving as few people as possible!

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