Iran launches homegrown satellite

By | February 4, 2009

Iran launches homegrown satellite

Iran says it has launched its first domestically made satellite into orbit.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said the launch had been successful and that with it Iran had “officially achieved a presence in space”.

The satellite, carried on a Safir-2 rocket, was meant for telecommunication and research purposes, state TV said.

A US state department official said the launch was of “great concern” and could lead to ballistic missile development. Iran insists its intent is peaceful.

France has also expressed concern, saying the technology used was “very similar” to that used in ballistic missiles.

Iran is subject to United Nations sanctions because some Western powers think it is trying to build a nuclear bomb.

Tehran denies that claim and says its nuclear ambitions are limited to the production of energy.

via BBC NEWS | Middle East | Iran launches homegrown satellite.

And also, YouTube seems to be knocked out right now… wow, strange… most video of the lauch is knocked out right now including, … Ah, here’s one: Times.UK, and YouTube is back.  They say, “We are currently performing site maintenance. Be cool – we’ll be back 100% in a bit.”

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