Xeno’s top 10 iPhone tips for nubes (like me)

By | December 12, 2009

Xenos top 10 iPhone tips for nubes like me

Tip 1: With your phone locked or unlocked, press and hold the home button for five seconds. You will get a blue voice control screen. You can say, “Play songs by the Beatles” if you have them in the iPod built in to your iPhone, for example. You can also say “Call Xeno” if you have Xeno in your iPhone contact list. It doesn’t seem to launch or control apps, just the phone and music.

all a contact – “Call” or “dial” plus the person’s name or nickname as entered into your address book.  Optionally add the phone number type at the end, such as “home”, “work”, “mobile”. For example, “Dial John Smith Work” or “Call Mum”.
Call a number – “Call” or “Dial” plus the number, just as you would recite it usually. For example, “Dial 555 9592″.
Make a correction – Say “not that one”, “wrong”, “nope”, “no”, or “not that”.

Start music – Say “play” or “play music”.
Play from a specific playlist  – Say “play playlist” and the name of the playlist. For example, “Play playlist gym songs”.
Play from a specific album – Say “play album” plus the name of the album. For example “Play album Dark Side Of The Moon”.
Play from a specific artist – “Play songs by” plus the name of the artist, or  “play artist” plus the name of the artist. For example, “Play artist Pink Floyd”.
Pause music – Say “pause” or “pause music”.
Skip to next song – Say “next song” or “next”.
Go back to previous song – Say “previous song”.
Shuffle the current playlist – Just say “shuffle”.
Turn on Genius feature – Say “Genius”, “play more like this”, or “play more songs like this”.
Get information about the current track – Say “what’s playing”, or for more specific information say “what song is this”, “who sings this song”, or “who is this song by”.

Tip 2: Turn on the Battery % on Settings | General | Usage | battery Percentage -> On

Tip 3: Push notifications take up a lot of battery. Go to Settings | Notifications and either turn them all off or turn off the alerts you don’t want in the applications below.

Tip 4: Save battery by turning the brightness down under Settings | Brightness

Tip 5: On 3G hold home button for 5 seconds and it will force quit. On 3GS, hold home button down for 5 seconds, then when you see the shut off slider, hold the home button down for another 5 seconds to quit the application running. You don’t have to shut down and restart.

Tip 6: With the phone locked, double tap the home button to bring up iPod controls.

Tip 7: To take a screenshot, hold the home button down and press the power on button (top). This saves a screenshot into your photos.

Tip 8: In Safari, hold down the [.com] button to get other common extensions

Tip 9: Save any photo from the web to your phone this way:  in Safari, go to (for example) http://alliphonewallpapers.com/. Tapping once on a smaller image (same as clicking with your mouse) to get to the bigger image, zoom in on the bigger image (reverse pinch on the screen with two fingers, or double tap) then press and hold on the image with one finger. You’ll get a [save image] button in Safari. It will save to your photos. You can set as wallpaper. I don’t see it as my wallpaper for some reason.

Tip 10: If you get more than 176 apps, some will not show.  I downloaded 220 apps, only deleted about 5 and I have 11 screens of 16 apps. I should have about 40 more apps…

Apple has increased the number of app screens after the update to OS 3.0, from 9 screens to 11 screens. Appdevice has revealed that the iPhone can in fact keep unlimited apps. The limit comes from the storage space of the iPhone. You can use the new spotlight feature to find apps if you have filled up 11 screens.

Time to organize my 11 screens…

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