iPhone drops WiFi, Apple “bug” a deal with AT&T?

By | July 22, 2012

I think we’ve been scammed by the big guys. AT&T is losing money due to its unlimited data plan users. I’m one of those and I posted my experiences recently. I’ve been trying to understand how I used so much data in the first days of July. I figured out that my phone was using the 4G network (I have an iPhone 4S) instead of WiFi, and I thought this was due to a problem with my home Internet provider.

Indeed, there was a problem, and I had it fixed. My home computers stay connected all day without dropping the connection. However, I’m *still* using lots of data on my iPhone at home.

Why? Because a new “bug” in iOS 5.1.1 causes the WiFi connection to drop when the phone goes to sleep and not reconnect when it wakes up. Many others are reporting this.

How convenient for AT&T. The result: more people throttled, more people unable to listen to streaming radio like Pandora, more people unable to watch youtube, and these are the people AT&T will try to sell a tiered data plan. Screw you AT&T, I will not pay more for less. We already made a deal and you are breaking it. I signed an unlimited data contract.

I suspect this iPhone “bug” is a trap, a purposeful scam. I have no evidence, this is my angry gut reaction.


My iPhone is lying. Known networks will NOT be joined automatically, not anymore.

I’ve reset my network settings. Under Settings | General | Network I can also set Cellular Data to OFF, but neither of these things make my phone remember my home network as it once did.

7 thoughts on “iPhone drops WiFi, Apple “bug” a deal with AT&T?

  1. Nathaniel

    More and more scams every day. It is seriously starting to become the wild west with companies. They can get away with anything.

  2. Kristin

    I don’t have any issues with this happening, my iphone connects to my home network when I’m at home, work when I’m there & even restaurants where I have previously connected to their wifi. This is definitely an AT&T thing, as I’m in Canada and thus with a Canadian service provider

    1. Xeno Post author

      Thanks, just to confirm, you have the iPhone 4S and operating system 5.1.1 on it, but it reconnects to WiFi if you power off and then back on?

      1. Kristin

        Yes, I have the 4S, ios 5.1.1 & (not that I turn it off often) after it died on me at work this afternoon, found that it still connected to my home wireless (as it normally does) when it resumed a charge without any manual adjustments with regard to connecting it to the network 🙂

  3. Stan

    I am having the same issue on both my 4S and my wife’s 4. I was on 5.1.1, but just upgraded to 6.0. That made it worse. I stumbled on this issue when I received a “your reaching your data limit” warning only 3 days into my cycle. Apparently, my phone was using 20mb of data every 5 minutes. After I hit 700mb, the warming went off. The red flag was that I was on WiFi, or at least I thought I was! I looked at the phone and saw my wifi was actively showing, but the downloading was still hitting my 4G. Very strange. This is a costly issue as I’m on the 200mb plan. I’ve never gone over, so we are pretty frugal with the data. BUT, this has been happening for some time. To add to the craziness, when I downloaded the update from Apple for 6.0, it stayed on the wifi, yet dinged the 4G before and after?!?!?
    After a coupe visits to AT&T and Apple, I still have no solution, and as I mentioned before, now it’s even worse. It disconnects immediately after it goes to sleep. Apple is telling me to try a different SimCard. I will do that, and then will try the router renaming trick. I’ll keep you all posted.

    1. Xeno Post author

      Mine does it again after the upgrade to iOS 6, so I have to turn off cellular data in the settings when I’m at home. So annoying. Forgetting the network helped, for a little while. Haven’t renamed my network since i upgraded my iPhone to iOS 6.

  4. Mike

    Thank you!! I’ve had this suspicion ever since it started happening. On full wifi at home it kicks me out to “4g”(which I don’t even have in my area). Only started happening after I got the text saying I was in the top 5% of data users and my connection would slow after 5gb, or something like that, despite my unlimited plan which I will not give up for anything. I know apple is building into the phones. As a matter of fact it just kicked me out right now. The greedy scum bags at AT&T are pissing me off, and if Sprint actually had decent service I would have switched as soon as it started happening. Don’t believe apple saying its your home connection, it’s them building it into the software. Similar to how pandora says they update bug fixes every month when really they are just adding more and different advertisements. This country is going down the shitter, one greedy corporation at a time.

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