Inventor designs rockets made to look like giant box of crayons

By | February 19, 2010

Lift-off: Mr Coker's rockets are launched, but only four of the eight actually take offThe wacky inventor stands proudly with his rocketsWork resumed in August 2004, and more than six years later, the project was finally completed.

He recently headed out to Nevada’s Black Rock desert to test them out.

Based on the small eight-pack of crayons, the three-and-a-half foot long rockets were launched from a box designed to look like the classic yellow and green Crayola box.

But, despite looking like child’s play, the mission was only a partial success with just four of the eight rockets blasting into the sky.

Inexplicably, the green, brown, yellow and orange crayons remained in the box.

Of the four rockets that went off, the violet crayon was found with a broken fin.The other three were found without major damage. …

via It’s dynamite! Inventor designs set of rockets made to look like giant box of crayons | Mail Online.

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