Interstella Starfleet Caught on Amature Telescope

By | January 7, 2010

Interstella Starfleet Caught on Amature Telescope

This is footage is from an amature astronemers telescope,he has pictures and video evidence of large space craft in space around are planet.The goverment deny it but its there,if it is are goverments up there then why are they there? and what are they there for?,if it isn’t are goverments then who is it? where are they from? and what are they doing? All big questions am sure you would agree they need to be addressed.We the people have a right to know.

via YouTube – Interstella Starfllet Caught on Amature Telescope.

6 thoughts on “Interstella Starfleet Caught on Amature Telescope

  1. dogsounds

    Sorry to burst the old bubble, Xeno, but this fella’s rep is not the best around the interwebs, eveything I can find suggests this is mere hoax, satellites or the ISS. Have a hunt around but try here fro a start (not the best of place, I know, but it’s a start):

    I watched it myself and found it to be unspectacular. Maybe I am just getting even more cynical in my old age, but it seems to me that if you were desperate to show the reality of such claims you would include evidence to show it is not just crinkled up tinfoil inder a light, or lensing/depth of field effects on lights. Seems to me if he can film these things on a cobbled together setup that NO other amateur astronomer with thousands of hours of scope time and far superior equipment has ever seen, and doesn’t, for example, show the film of him finding the target amidst a sea of stars (so we can see he is actually looking up into the night sky) then he is deliberately hiding the misdirection. I never trust heavily zoomed in lights.

    Always amuses me when a tinfoiler freaks out over a film of an obvious lens effect:

    “OMG, it HAS to be a spaceship, it’s hexagonal!” Yeah. And guess what shape the iris on the lens is? lol.

    I find myself thinking that, nowadays, even if rock solid, 100% proof was ever filmed, it would be dismissed because of all the drek out there. *sigh*

    1. dogsounds

      Yep. It has ben discovered that space is crawling with low-resolution gargantuan glowing space-plankton. Just imageine hwo big the low-resolution space-whales will be! Unless they’ve been hunted to extincion by the space-Japanese…

  2. Gridkeeper

    I have all of the original films on my youtube channel. It’s all real and the hoax thing was a poor attempt at disinformation. There are zoom videos and much much more including a film of the telescope pointed at sirius and a craft is seen in the backscreen of the camcorder. People need to see the evidential videos before passing something off as a hoax just because some disinformers keep repeating it. Wakey wakey people.

  3. Sam

    Here’s the thing. If these are supposed to be around the Earth, they’d be clearer. If these are beyond the Earth, they would have to be absolutely massive — like, bigger than the Death Star kind of massive — to have even the potential to be seen with an amateur’s telescope.

    Here’s link to a page with a really good amateur photo of the ISS and Discovery in orbit:

    Here’s a link to what Europa looks like from ground-based amateur telescopes (be sure to read the description):

    I sincerely believe that the Universe is populated. I do not believe this person’s video has captured any evidence of it.

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