Insane Presidential Poll Numbers For Obama and McCain – October

By | November 2, 2008

Compare the Gallup poll (which agrees with most other polls) with the Foxnews poll.

Here is a real poll of real people which shows the actual spread (at least on the issue of who won one of the presidential debates):

The real web poll above makes me think all of the mainstream media controlled polls are fraudulently manipulated to make the race seem close. We have what I call a Corpocracy. We have a country run by corporations with the illusion of democracy. In order to keep the illusion alive, the “Democrat vs Republican” scam is being hammered into us. But the majority of real people, no matter how they are registered, all want the same thing. Almost all Americans want low taxes, no war, affordable health care, high quality education, personal safety, freedom, justice, a healthy environment, a chance to make good honest money, rest and recreation, and so on.

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