Inmates escape, steal cigarettes, return to prison

By | November 24, 2009 state Department of Correction said two inmates escaped a minimum security prison in southwest middle Tennessee on Nov. 7 to steal cigarettes before returning, WSMV-TV in Nashville reported.

Adam Garland and Michael Queener are accused of escaping through a window in their cell at the Turney Center Annex and crawling under a fence.

While out, the men stole cigarettes and tobacco products from a convenience store before returning to the prison by going back through the window that they had escaped from, officials at the corrections department said.

Officers later discovered the contraband, and an investigation began.

Queener was serving a 10-year sentence for aggravated robbery. Garland was serving a five-year sentence for attempted aggravated burglary and theft.

The men will now face escape and burglary charges.

The corrections department said an internal review is under way.

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  1. Quit

    I can understand a fine or perhaps a relatively short stay in jail in lieu of a fine, but years? Seriously? Don’t we have worse people to put in jail than some blogging band junkie who stole some cigarettes?

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