I Just Paid $500 to be Brain Damaged by Fluoride Releasing Dental Sealants

By | June 23, 2011

UPDATE August 2015: Four years later and I now have the beginnings of type 1 autoimmune diabetes and a deep wheeze every morning in my lungs. As far as the data I have on my blood sugars, I did not have this problem prior to 2011. My impaired fasting blood glucose seems to be caused by my immune system attacking part of my pancreas, causing lowered basal insulin production. I’m positive for IA-2 antibody which means my immune system is attacking part of my nervous system. Islet Antigen 2 (IA-2) is found in the islets of Langerhans in the pancreas and in many parts of the central nervous system. One of the materials used for my dental crown was a zinc composite. Zinc is involved in a multitude of processes within the pancreas, including glucagon secretion, digestive enzyme activity, and insulin packaging, secretion, and signaling. Elevated levels of zinc and zinc-containing compounds can result in a variety of adverse effects in the gastrointestinal, hematological, and respiratory systems along with alterations in the cardiovascular and neurological systems of humans.” – link. My symptoms have been worse when I tried zinc supplements.

Fluoride Induces Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress and Inhibits Protein Synthesis and Secretion. Fluoride inhibits insulin synthesis. The type 1 diabetes autoantigen IA-2 (aka ICA512 and RPTPN) is a receptor protein tyrosine phosphatase of the insulin secretory granules (SGs). link. I believe this means that IA-2 protein that is concentrated in neurosecretory granule membranes regulates the size of insulin granule stores in the pancreas.

Having my last filling that contained mercury removed didn’t help my blood sugar as I hoped it might. I have not been using fluoride containing products, but are my dental crowns leaking zinc fluoride compound into my blood and saliva that is accumulating in my pancreas and nervous system and causing my immune system to attack my own body? That’s what I currently believe explains the appearance of IA-2 antibody that suggests a dark future of insulin dependent adult diabetes (or death from complications of high blood sugar such as micro-vascular damage, whichever comes first).

In other words, I don’t recommend any fluoride releasing or zinc releasing dental materials unless you want to die years earlier than you otherwise would have.

PREVIOUS UPDATE: My dentist will replace the fillings at no cost, but I also asked how much was used. A gram? He said no, only about 1/20th of a gram of Vitrebond. That changes my concern.  I was concerned about getting several milligrams of fluoride which is more than in food and drinking water because I thought he used about a gram per tooth. With only 50 mg of Vitrebond, the fluoride dose drops to 0.35 mg over the course of three months. (Twice that for two fillings). No amount is considered safe, but .7 mg released over 90 days does not concern me. The body normally gets rid of 1/2 of the fluoride that gets into your system and you can get rid of more with  some supplements.

I’m going to cancel the appointment and keep the fillings, but in future fillings I won’t have any of these liners added. I’ll consider myself an experiment. If I let you know in 20 years that I have a brain tumor, then I may be making the wrong choice.

—- Original post:

I just had a nerve toxin put into my head without my consent.  Oh, and one study says it is generally toxic to cells… and it caused genetic mutations when tested with the CHO Mammalian Cell Gene Mutation Test (HPRT test).

After many years I had some cavities under old fillings which did not show up in x-rays, so I had two filled today and needed a crown (all from decay under old fillings).  My natural teeth without fillings heal, but you can’t heal a filling. I made it clear on my consultation that I want no fluoride but my dentist didn’t remember this and today used Vitrebond and Limelight two fluoride compounds in two different fillings. He insists they wouldn’t use it if it wasn’t safe and said it does not release fluoride. BS. The company that makes it says it does.

In this difficult to read chart from a PDF on the 3M web site, Vitrebond has a HIGH release of fluoride, and the release increases over the years.  I can’t read the units… is that micrograms per gram? As in 6 milligrams released over the next 800 days?

This “liner” (for which, incidentally, my insurance does not pay) was placed close to a nerve in one of my teeth… on purpose. It reduces sensitivity. Yes, by killing the nerve? He says no, that it prevents root canals in the future.

Years ago I used to have panic attacks (heart pain then adrenaline rush for no reason). I don’t anymore. It could be that my regular exercise fixed the problem. But perhaps fluoride release in past dental sealants was the cause and the poison in my old fillings finally wore out. Now, without wanting it, I have another dose of nerve toxin.

Here is what one person had to say about Vitrebond:

I am a young gal of 24 and have experienced significant dental decay and gum recession, which is horribly painful and uncomfortable. Part of this is due to infected root canals, but I have also recently inquired after the materials used in my older fillings. The sealant of most of my fillings is Vitrebond, a fluoride-releasing agent. I immediately freaked. My new holistic dentist tested biocompatibility of this material, and it is definitely not biocompatible with my make-up. egod!! I am also battling an itchy skin rash/infection around my mouth and nose, and we believe this may be related to the dental materials as well as the infected root canals. I hope to replace these fillings (which will be time consuming and expensive, but worth it to get the flouride out of my mouth). I have also suffered from hypothyroidism in the past, and even taken prozac for 2 weeks with horrible “hallucinatory” side-effects. My dentist said “it’s that fluoride suppressing your already suppressed thyroid.” What a nightmare.

What are other people’s experiences with toxic dental sealents/materials with fluoride? Did they witness benefits and relief of symptoms once the fluoride materials were removed from their mouth? I am eager to start this process.!

via Fluoride Release Dental Sealants — Vitrebond at Fluoride Debate Forum (MessageID: 342493).

They use fluoride in drugs to enhance their “effects” but often with deadly results, many of these drugs have been pulled from the shelves for heart toxicity – You must be aware because I’ve found that your doctor doesn’t even know! My daughter’s doctor was going to prescribe a “floxin” antibiotic to her and I requested a non-fluoridated drug… she had NO idea what I was talking about. She asked ME which drugs were not fluoridated!

I can’t believe that he said it does not release fluoride. The company that makes it brags about the fact that it does. Does he not know his own product? It causes a 100% reduction in protein synthesis. (For how long?)

The effects of several glass-ionomer cements (Baseline and Chem Fil of De Trey; Ketac Fil and Ketac Bond of ESPE; Vitrebond and Vitremer of 3 M) on the protein synthesis of cultured gingival fibroblasts were studied. The presence of cements in the culture medium inhibited protein synthesis, although the relative effectiveness varied significantly. The cements tested have been ranked in three groups, group A (Chem Fil and Ketac Fil), group B (Ketac Bond and Baseline) and group C (Vitrebond and Vitremer), showing 50, 75 and 100% reduction in protein synthesis, respectively. Incubation of cells with medium previously conditioned by Baseline and Ketac Fil caused only transient inhibition of protein synthesis followed by almost complete recovery. This recovery was not observed when the medium was conditioned with Vitrebond. A characterization of the factors determining the inhibitory effect of one cement in each group was attempted. The cements, irrespective of the type, produced small but reproducible decreases in the pH of the medium but released fluoride ions to a different extent. Both changes in the pH of the medium and in the fluoride concentration inhibited protein synthesis by cultured gingival fibroblasts. The different action of cements can be explained, at least in part, by a differing release of fluoride ions. – link

Effect of sample preparation on the in vitro genotoxicity of a light curable glass ionomer cement

The glass ionomer cement Vitrebond™ showed a clear genotoxic effect in the in vitro Mammalian Cell Gene Mutation Test (HPRT Test) with CHO cells as well as in the bacterial umu-test with Salmonella typhimurium TA1535/pSK1002. Both DMSO and Ham’s F12 cell culture medium extracts according to ISO 10993-12 (Biological evaluation of medical devices—Part 12: sample preparation and reference materials, Geneva, Switzerland) exhibit a clear genotoxic effect in the umu-test. The effect is independent of the extraction volume in a range from 0.5 to 4 ml Ham’s F12 cell culture medium. Subsequent extractions of Vitrebond™ showed no significant difference in the genotoxic response although weight loss and content of 2-hydroxyethyl-methacrylate dropped significantly. In vivo conditions of Vitrebond™ were simulated by extractions with artificial and collected human saliva. These extracts showed a clear genotoxic effect in the umu-test, even if only a few seconds of extraction time were applied. In conclusion, sample preparations for genotoxicity testing according to ISO 10993-12 reflect the in vivo conditions of Vitrebond™ applications. This seems to be mostly due to the hydrophilic nature of the genotoxic ingredients.

One major component of Vitrebond™ is 2-hydroxyethyl-methacrylate (HEMA), a known contact allergen and moderate cytotoxic compound [22, 23 and 24]. Although previously no genotoxic effect for HEMA was found [2, 4 and 25], it tested positive in our umu-tests. At final concentrations above 27 mImage a clear genotoxic effect without relevant interfering cytotoxicity was demonstrated (Table 4). Genotoxicity was detected with and without addition of a rat liver enzyme mixture (S9-fraction after Aroclor induction). Interestingly, 50 mImage HEMA induced only a two-fold increase in mutation frequency in the HPRT Test (Table 1). This would suggest that the HPRT test is less sensitive than the umu-test, which is underlined by the results for a Vitrebond™ extract (see above). We determined the content of HEMA in Ham’s F12 extracts of Vitrebond™ by HPLC at less than 10 mImage (Fig. 1, Table 6). Thus the genotoxic effect of the extracts cannot be attributed to HEMA alone. This conclusion was corroborated when we tested the powder and liquid components of Vitrebond™ separately. The powder alone proved strongly genotoxic ( Table 5). Therefore HEMA, which is not present in the solid component (Fig. 1), cannot be the prime genotoxic component of Vitrebond™. One or several additional genotoxic ingredients must be present in the light-sensitive fluoro-aluminosilicate glass powder. For the liquid component alone no dose-dependent genotoxic effect could be measured due to interfering cytotoxicity. – http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0142961202003757

Ironic that my last blog post before going to the dentist was about fluoride causing brain damage. Well, perhaps some brain damage and a lower IQ will be good for me. I think too much already.

Do I spend hundreds more to have this stuff removed? I’m considering it, yes, I probably will.  It depends on how much poison he put in. What a nightmare. Removing it, assuming that can be done, will probably result in more tooth damage.  I left a message asking him to call me to discuss my options.  I also want to avoid “eugenol”:

You guys that use eugenol need to have your collective heads examined. How many times I have opened into a tooth full of recurrent decay under a sealed amalgam, and found a necrotic pulp? Your cure is to put eugenol on the pulp so the pulp dies a painless death and is no problem until someone takes an x ray 20 years down the road, and finds a huge chronic abscess. You are delaying the inevitable. Eugenol is soft, amalgam is hard. Why would you put this soft paste as a base for an amalgam. The tooth will fracture or leak or both. You have probably ignored the recurrent decay on the bitewings every year that occurs because of this…. Come into the 21st century…. – link

These days nothing is safe, but we should all know the options and the various risks. I already have a headache a few hours later.

19 thoughts on “I Just Paid $500 to be Brain Damaged by Fluoride Releasing Dental Sealants

  1. Patrick

    Dude, the most important thing now is that you empower yourself and take action. Either do what you can legally do to make the dentist fully aware of your anger, or get it removed. The longer you wait the more resentment you’ll feel for being taken advantage of, and resentment–that’s a poison no operation can take away.
    Sorry this happened.

    1. Xeno Post author

      The dentist means well and believes what he says. He just hasn’t done the research. Instead, he learns only from within his own industry trainings. The stuff is good at what it does from the isolated perspective of creating a seal and preventing reinfection by bacteria, but you don’t do this at the risk of cancer, nerve and other cell damage to the host. I can see my gum bleeding where he worked, which means my new fluoride injection tooth is hitting my bloodstream causing all kinds of cell damage system wide. I’ve worked so hard to stay healthy for so many years. I have to think about something else. I’m getting very worked up about this.

      1. Allie

        I hear you Xeno. 8 yrs ago I had 3 amalgams (my only fillings) replaced with composite, only to find out later they had fluoride. I had told the dentist ‘no fluoride’.
        2 fillings are on the outside wall of my most rear, lower molars. There are chronic red streaks and fullness/swelling that run from directly where the fillings are, all the way down much of my neck. The swelling makes breathing more difficult. My mouth
        burns inside. I know my health is compromised.

        Is there a safe filling I can replace them with? Diamond Lite? Or fluoride-free resin? Gold? Porcelain? Other? Seriously I feel I was better off with the amalgams.
        I’m worried if I go fluoride free, that I still may be just as allergic/damaged by the acrylates and whatnot.

  2. Dental Implants Glendale

    I am really sorry to read about the problems you are facing at the moment. It is good for you to get it removed by the dentist before it does any serious damage to your health. The idea of going to the dentist or a doctor is to improve any kind of health problems you have and so the treatment should improve your health issues. If it causes more damage, then you got to do something immediately before it causes any further damage to your health. So, go to the dentist and get it fixed as soon as possible…… my best wishes for you to get well soon.

  3. Caesar

    If it was hazardous to your health, then it would be illegal and wouldn’t be used anymore.
    Stop cherry picking your research. 99% or the research says it’s no problem and less than 1% says its a problem.

    I recommend you see a shrink

    1. Xeno Post author

      Meanwhile, here in reality, there are no protective laws until enough people die. Substances that kill or maim slowly enough, especially if they are making someone money, or there is no safer alternative yet, are often not restricted. I’ve had a sore throat for about a week now, along with dry eyes. I also have a positive ANA that wasn’t there years ago. The appearance my positive SS-b autoimmune antibody may correlate with this dental work. The inflammatory response and immune system problems may be due to my body’s inability to get rid of the constant low level leakage of toxin from the sealant. It could be all in my head alright… In a tooth in my head, that is, in the form of a very real 50mg of Vitrebond. If one person tells you your pants are on fire, but 99 people don’t tell you, are you “cherry picking” if you listen to the one? No, you don’t believe everything you hear, but you sure as hell should take a quick look at the available evidence.

      1. Allie

        Agreed 100%. My brother has been having all kinds of health issues in the form of headaches, nervous system numbness, chronic fatigue, etc. Tons of scans and tests showed nothing but low Vit D. Supplementation didn’t fix. Turns it he had a recent crown and root canal. Composite was used, not mercury. Now I’m thinking his body doesn’t like the toxic composite. Well neither does mine.

  4. vicko5000 (@vicko5000)

    The dentist does not make any money on that vitrebond liner/base. Hes doing it to try to keep you from having post operative pain basically out of the kindness of his heart to keep you happy. I hope you realized that your dentist has your best interest in mind. Im really glad you decided not to have the fillings removed. There’s a lot of information on the internet. You sound like a very intelligent person but its very difficult for people who have not received years of medical training to distinguish a good study from a less than sound study.

    Please everyone be cautious of anyone claiming to be a holistic dentist, offering to remove all the poisonous fillings you have in your mouth.

    1. HTGuy

      Medical training is just training in lies and half truths. Most of the info learned is bogus, about profiteering or about selling designer drugs. Period.

  5. S

    Its your choice to do whatever you desire in your mouth, However insurance companies do NOT pay per material used in a patients mouth, saying that your insurance wont cover the vitrebond / limelight is just silly. Whether these materials were placed in your fillings or not it would be the same price and same ADA dental codes charged out to the insurance company. These products stimulate secondary dentin formation when the decay has become so deep into a tooth that it is at risk of a root canal they use this product to create a liner between the pupal canals and the new filling they are placing, the calcium hydroxide tells the tooth to form more dentin to strengthen the tooth and prevent irritation to the nerve which causes infections and sensitivity long after the fillings have been done. Would you rather have this liner placed or just go ahead and have a root canal stripping the blood supply and nerve out of the tooth resulting in the need for a crown and allowing the tooth to become brittle and fall apart over the years? Not to mention the chance of decay under the gingival margins of the crowns. Fluoride has been proven time and time again to help prevent and restore teeth. Fluoride is pumped in to toothpastes, water and now even some bottled water companies have started adding it. There is pros and cons to everything especially in dental. I encourage you to continue you on your path of knowledge, I would suggest you go to dental school rather than relying on the internet for your information though.

    1. Xeno

      Thanks, but I’d fail dental school because I learned too much about fluoride. Look carefully at the published studies on your own (read the papers and contact the researchers for clarification as I did) and you will be surprised to find that only topical fluoride does any good at all and that too much damages teeth along with causing other problems. It can be a powerful bonding agent, true, and it does disrupt bacteria, but it doesn’t stay in the teeth. It leaks. It reacts with everything. One way it becomes dangerously toxic to us is if fluoride anions join with calcium ions in the blood to form insoluble calcium fluoride. A lack of calcium available in the blood can induce cardiac arrhythmia and even kill. Best to give up sugar, kill s. mutans and eat plenty of healthy mineral rich foods to avoid tooth problems completely. I wish I’d started sooner!

      Your little slip was truer than you know: Fluoride has actually been proven to “prevent teeth”. In fact, in an early study done in the army, it was a success at ending cavities for that reason. The workers exposed to fluoride had no cavities. The unpublished secret version of the study gives the real reason: their teeth fell out. Oops. http://www.fluoridealert.org/articles/wastenot414/. This was covered in dental school, right?

      … reporters made what appears to be the first discovery of the original classified version of a fluoride safety study by bomb program scientists. A censored version of this study was later published in the August 1948 Journal of the American Dental Association. Comparison of the secret with the published version indicates that the U.S. AEC did censor damaging information on fluoride, to the point of tragicomedy.

      This was a study of the dental and physical health of workers in a factory producing fluoride for the A-bomb program, conducted by a team of dentists from the Manhattan Project.

      * The secret version reports that most of the men had no teeth left. The published version reports only that the men had fewer cavities.

      * The secret version says the men had to wear rubber boots because the fluoride fumes disintegrated the nails in their shoes. The published version does not mention this.

      * The secret version says the fluoride may have acted similarly on the men’s teeth, contributing to their toothlessness. The published version omits this statement.

      The published version concludes that “the men were unusually healthy, judged from both a medical and dental point of view.”

      Asked for comment on the early links of the Manhattan Project to water fluoridation, Dr Harold Slavkin, Director of the National Institute for Dental Research, the U.S. agency which today funds fluoride research, said, “I wasn’t aware of any input from the Atomic Energy Commission.” Nevertheless, he insisted, fluoride’s efficacy and safety in the prevention of dental cavities over the last fifty years is well-proved. “The motivation of a scientist is often different from the outcome, ” he reflected. “I do not hold a prejudice about where the knowledge comes from.”

      After comparing the secret and published versions of the censored study, toxicologist Phyllis Mullenix commented, “This makes me ashamed to be a scientist.” Of other Cold War-era fluoride safety studies, she asks, “Were they all done like this?”

  6. lola

    reading this it sounds like caesar needs to get some books an start reading, there are a TON of things in our makeup, mattresses, lotion, food ( just to name a few) that are TOXIC and yet they are still used and added. I personally got rid of toxic things in my personal care products and house 15 years ago. It seems no matter how hard i try though there is always something else popping up somewhere (case in point, this vitrabond that was used on me last week in a filling). I am going back in to have it removed and replaced, though now I may lose this tooth since originally they had to drill so deep. Anyhow, there are so many things added to products that are toxic, its all about “the money” and it always amazes me that there are people out there that think like he does that it would be illegal if it was bad.

      1. Xeno Post author

        Hi Dan,
        It is not difficult to find information from new scientific studies that has not yet been taught to practicing doctors or dentists. Caring more about facts than credentials may save your life one day. Good luck.

  7. Rock Smith

    Serious Question : would it be any worse to use superGlue for me to glue a simple crown onto my existing post then ? i am talking home Dentistry – of the most basic kind. thanks for the info.

    Also i recommend fresh vegetable juicing, on an empty stomach. , it tends to clean the system

  8. Andrea

    The author of this post is 100% right. I have put a zirconia crown and the dentist told me he was going to use a glue from 3M Ketac 100 of glass ionomer. This composite has fluoride, salicates, acrylates and aluminium. Just to give you a picture, one hour later of treatment I was in traffic jam and I got a severe episode of dizziness, tachycardia, some kind of hallucination and confusion. I parked the car and went home by taxi. This was two months ago and some symptoms persist, nervousness, skin rashes, weight losd, depression, fatigue, red eyes, dry mouth, sore throat, headaches, more white hair and dry skin, among others. I started to investigate the reason and went to see the composition from the glass ionomer. This stuff is pure poison just being inside our mouths, imagine chewing on it. i am male, 45, banker. I know the difference between before and after. Also, today everyone talks about dangers of bisphenol. Do you know what white composite resins are made of? Bisphenol, acrylates and Tegdma. I also have some from 10 yrs ago. Before that, with silver or mercury fillings I never had a health problem. I started to have them after replace them with white resin fillings. Now i have to replace a lot of filled teeth with implants to get my cure. Dentists are not informed. They assume that if a glass ionomer is being selling by a company than it is an approved material for public safety, but also tobacco and cigarettes. Look, dental materials are pure poison inside of us.

    1. Allie

      Very well put Andrea. I honestly wish I’d just kept my amalgam fillings. At least I could breathe easily and I didn’t have red streaks running down my neck and constant swollen neck lymph area. Not to mention burning mouth, fatigue, and anxiety.

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