Illinois UFO’s – Police witnesses to flying black triangle with cloaking device

By | September 29, 2008

Back on January 5, 2000 police officers and citizens of St. Clair County in Southern Illinois claim to have spotted a large, triangular unidentified flying object. Folks from Highland to Millstadt claim to have seen the object, and all described it as a big thick hovering triangle. However other than one blurry Polaroid snapshot, there were no photographs or videos to back up the eye witness claims.

Scott Air Force Base is directly below the UFO’s alleged flight path, which made “military exercise” the most likely answer to these reported sightings. Alas, the airfield was closed that night, as was the control tower, and the military has denied any aerial exercises took place on the evening in question. – jaunted

Notice that in the video the officer says the 2000 silent triangular black UFO was trying to project the star field from above it underneath it as a way to camouflage itself. This is exactly what one of the 1997 Phoenix lights eye-witnesses I heard on Art Bell said about that massive soundless black triangle. This is not an isolated rare thing. Here is a map of triangle UFO sightings:

Map shows locations of Flying Triangle sightings and proximity to cities and Interstate Highways based on merged databases. Image Courtesy: NIDS

… During the ensuing years (2000-2004), NIDS received hundreds of reports from people in the United States and Canada reporting large triangular aircraft, often silent and often flying at very low altitude and at low air speed. In many cases, the objects were brightly lit. NIDS files also include reports of Flying Triangles from remote areas.

In mid 2004, NIDS reviewed its database that contains the locations of the Triangle sightings in the United States. The sightings of Triangles appear primarily adjacent to population centers and along Interstate Highways, with sightings clustered on both coasts.

NIDS has amassed almost 400 separate sightings of triangular/boomerang/wedge-shaped objects. Many of these craft are brightly lit, low flying, and traveling at unexpectedly low air speeds.

In earlier reports, NIDS outlined a tentative correlation between reported sightings of Triangles and the locations of Air Mobility Command and Air Force Materiel Command bases in the United States.

Like a Star Trek “uncloaking”

According to ground observers, the features of a Black Triangle are indeed impressive.

For example, the NIDS study includes the observation of a Port Washington Wisconsin person who encountered a large object that flew over her home at 500 feet altitude in October 1998. Her eyeing of the clear starry night was interrupted as the craft came into her field of view.

“Suddenly this monstrosity came out of the ‘blue’, just like a Star Trek ‘uncloaking’, no kidding…so quiet I couldn’t believe it and so huge…no more than 500 feet or so up, and big enough to take up my field of sky vision,” she reported.

Crude mathematics, the witness recounted, would make the vessel about 200 feet wide and 250 feet long. –

22 thoughts on “Illinois UFO’s – Police witnesses to flying black triangle with cloaking device

  1. Atrueoriginall

    This is one sighting I never get tired of seeing. It’s somewhat the ‘no brainer’ of UFO sightings and I never knew that did an article on triangular UFOs. That was interesting.

  2. John

    I saw one of these, It was daylight out, i was walking to the park in Henderson, NV And i thought i saw a black triangle not two high above me head, It made no noise and was pretty cool. I looked up again to see if i was sure i was seeing this thing and it was gone…? Anyway, i just think maybe it’s a new aircraft, after all, Nellis AFB is down the road.

  3. Mary

    Has the idea been considered that at least some of these sightings could possibly be attributed to holographic activity? Especially those sightings that are silent (making no discernable noise), and near military installations. Just a thought.

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  5. Kelly

    My sister and I saw a flying triangle, it started as two bright lights in the sky. We were at a neighbors house jumping on his trampoline. They noticed the two bright lights. As my sister and I were walking home my sister looked back at the lights and noticed
    the Black Triangle. I was oblvious to the whole thing, my father was a pilot for the military so we saw a lot of strange things in the sky. I assumed they where lights on some tower being accustomed to that sort of thing living on military bases. The wind seemed to pick up and the field lit up so bright. This was either in 1975 or 1976 in Glennville GA. The light was the clarity of the halogen lights on the cars today in 2000. My sister screamed out RUN KELLY! I made it home in hysterics screaming its got my sister.
    My mom was horrified and scared to go out and see. She thought something horrible happened. My sister walked in soon after and told my dad about it. When my dad went out to investigate it was gone. It made absolutely no noise, it was the creepiest thing. And 35 years later I still remember it. I put it out of my mind as a plane gliding in for a landing, but that thing did not glide in. It hovered and followed us and didn’t make a sound. It split the night sky with absolute precision, no wavering, or bouncing (like a balloon) and no sonic boom. I thought when I saw the stealth bomber it would put to rest the questions that hang in my mind.
    This thing was bigger than the Stealth and silent. I don’t know what it was we saw that night, I will never forget it. My mom remember’s that night too because of how scared I was and my reaction. If this is some hot rocket jock flying this thing, I think its
    cruel to frighten children.

  6. Bonnie West

    I was driving a back road home from visiting a friend from Norfolk, NY to Canton, NY about 11:30 p.m. 1/31/07. I didn’t have the radio on and was just tooling along thinking about stuff–had two cars behind me, but further back, when I saw something big and huge coming in from my right about as high as the trees. I did a knee jerk reaction and swung my car halfway into the oncoming lane! Thank God no one was driving in it. I looked to my left to see what it was–because I thought a plane or helicopter was about to crash–and instead it was a huge, triangle shaped thing about the size of a football field…traveling just above the trees and slowly, soundless. It had an enormous round light on each side of the back end. They were opaque and may have been engines emitting light, who knows. I would have pulled over on the spot, but the two cars behind me were close and the back road didn’t have a shoulder to pull over on. I wish I’d run an ad asking if anyone had seen that craft that night, especially the people in the two cars behind me. I’ll never forget it.

    1. Xeno Post author

      Thanks for posting this. Very interesting! Perhaps someone else will find your post and share a similar experience.

    2. WMH


      That is the exact experience I had back in the winter of 08, in central IL. It was late at night and I was driving with my girlfriend at the time into town to get some stuff at the grocery store. She lived in a farming area with little to no other houses around her. I remember getting to the edge of town and looking outside my window once I had reached the stop sign. My first thought was “Holy shit! That plane is going to crash!” After I realized that it wasn’t a crashing plane, I was baffled as to how it was hovering. Let me remind you, this is the middle of the night, in a very rural area with no sound being made. I rolled down my window to see a hovering, black triangular craft just above a couple of tall trees. Literally within throwing distance. I remember looking at my girlfriend and seeing the horrified look on her face, because neither of us had believed in UFO’s or anything of that sort.

      Anyway, the best way I can describe this craft was a absolutely perfect triangle, with some sort of “blacker than black” material that was darker than the night sky. It was about half the size of a football field and it was just sitting there. The best way that I can describe the shape is to compare it to one of those 3 pronged highlighters that has 3 different colors on it. So we sat there in complete silence for about 2 minutes, and 2 more came very slowly from the south, almost meeting up in a “V” formation with the first craft. I remember it being so bizarre, because they were moving only about 10 MPH, and clearly were not trying to avoid detection. Once they caught up with the first hovering craft, they all moved very slowly away from my car towards the north. Neither of us said a word about it until almost a half hour later. It was just to surreal, but its good to know that someone was there to see it with me.

      I’m assuming it was some sort of government craft. I just have a hard time believing that these are alien beings. I have my reasons for being skeptical of aliens visiting our planet, but I think the sheer number of triangle craft sightings in the Midwest speaks towards the idea that this is just a classified government aircraft. It sure was eerie though.

  7. valerie benson

    Auguat 24, 2004 my sister and my mother were driving to Oak Brook mall Illinois and they witnessed a gigantic triangle craft rising above the I88 Illinois tollway by naperville, Illinois 2-4 pm afternoon . This was over the bridge over the tollway near Warrenville illinois and fermi national accelerator lab a mile away. It was presumed that the UFO had been hidden or parked by this high energy physics lab. It was during a thunderstorm and my sister nearly drove off the road. Her thought was it was an invasion like the series V and she is a conservative non believer and my mother who is a senior thought it a secret gov. craft??????

  8. valerie benson

    recently on a UNITED flight #611 out of DCA reagan air port washington d.c. I was in seat A 3 and we were descending over Ohare ORD. It was march 10 , 2010 and i happened to view out the window a huge object like an over sized top heavy pie or acorn shaped with a rotating band of yellowish white oval lights . We were just descending into white cumulous clouds it was 12:30 pm . the object except for the rotating band of lights was gray. It was the rotation of the lights that struck me as convincing. I reported this made an official report with MUFON> There are two other witnesses. This was about the same time that an object was video taped over Lake Erie 5 videos and it made the news.

  9. C.H.

    24 yrs ago this OCT a friend and I was sitting by a campfire in Southern IL. As we were talking we heard the leaves start to shake on the trees, then silence. We were talking to eachother but couldnt hear anything except a loud base vibration. It was a very intense feeling in my chest cavity. We looked up at the trees again and there it was. A huge flat black triangle, the only way you could tell its shape is the fact it blocked out the sky all around us. Tree top level and maybe going 2mph, I thought it should have just dropped from the sky.
    We never seen any lights on it, but the vibration was crazy.
    It was taveling east to west on route 15 in southern, IL about 60 miles from Scott AFB.
    I never told my parents, figured they would think I was on drugs.
    I eventually told them 7yrs later when they told me they had seen something similar driving down that hwy coming home from town. It was amazing that we all had seen the UFO but years apart.

    1. Xeno Post author

      Awesome sighting. Too bad you didn’t happen to have a tape recorder or video camera at the time. Seems so much more likely these days that someone will capture a triangle on an iPhone or video recorder of even better quality. Multiple people at once capturing one on different cameras would be even more convincing, especially if the people didn’t know each other.

  10. DL

    I just saw the same triangle UFO today (10/16/2010.) I live about 10 minutes south of Shiloh, IL (where the referenced police sighting took place). Me, my wife, and our 3 young children were out in the backyard sitting by the fire pit enjoying the wonderful evening. The object came into view in the low horizon due east of where we were sitting. It looked like 3 large symmetrical triangles which contained white lights which would mimic the stars in the background. The 3 triangles moved in unison and gave an appearance that this was one singular, connected object. It looked like a starfield was being projected on the bottom of a huge object that was flying at a high rate of speed from east to west. I thought it was a series of shooting stars at first but when it came almost directly overhead it was obvious that this was an object which had the appearance of a starfield in the background, like you would imagine a cloaking device from a sci-fi film. In fairness, it would come into the sky in this direction if it came from Scott Air Force Base. However, this object did not look like anything I have ever seen. It was in view for maybe a minute, at approximately 7:46 PM CDT. I was so freaked out by it I didn’t even think to grab my phone and photograph it until it was out of sight. I have never seen a UFO before and although I am open minded, I was skeptical up until now. No kidding, I came inside and googled ufo, stars, triangle and this link was near the top….so it seems that I am not alone in seeing this sort of phenomenon. This thing was huge!!!

    1. WMH

      Its interesting that so many of these triangle sightings are coming from Illinois. I too saw one (look at my above post for details) a couple of years back. The interesting thing about your post is that you saw three triangles in unison. I saw one triangle, about half the size of a football field, and then two others come from the south to join it. They both came together, behind the first one, as if they could clip on together and form an even bigger triangle. While I don’t recall seeing them converge together, it would definitely explain why the first triangle was just waiting for the other two, and also explain the very low speeds the crafts were moving at.

  11. Ardenz

    I witnessed a gold colored Triangle on September 8,2008,on beautiful evening hovering over an auto bypass near Reading,Pa.They are all over You Tube,and apparantly been seen for decades!!This is no secret government craft! Too many sightings over populated areas for that ! Plus the shape,flight charcteristics,and operation is nothing now known.

  12. Jazen Blunts

    i saw a black triangle one with 3 white lights on the bottom in a field behind cvs in amesbury mass. back in the summer of 1992. Had 3 friends with me when it happent. the ship was only 15-20 feet above us. dont remember it coming over just remember looking up at the lights in shock. we were all only 13 or 14 at the time. we walked across the field to auburn st, and it followed us low n slow no sound. it followed us a good 1/8th mile i’d say, when we got to my friends house on auburn st. it stopped again for a min. then left low n slow.. going north.

    1. Jazen Blunts

      ohh ya when we were in field sun was going down when we left sun was down n it was dark out. not to sure but. kind of think 30 mins went by unnoticed by us at the time.

  13. c patty

    to whom it maters in the fall of 1985 I was in the us navy and my job let me have clearance to the navy’s computer systems I have seen a report on a test of blood with both animal and plant parts and from what i was taught in there school this is not possable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Joe

    I witnessed one of these in oct. of 2008 in southern indiana, warrick county. I woke around 1:15am and went out back to have a cigarette. I lived on the outskirts of town and had a decent view of the sky. I was just enjoying the night sky, when out of the north, this BIG black triangle came. It was moving VERY slowly, just over treetop level, maybe 1000 feet out from where I was standing, heading south. It had 4 bright lights on the bottom, 2 in the front and 2 on the rear. I was shocked! I turned and looked back to the door of the house, HOPING someone heard me get up and were going to join me and witness this thing. No luck. When I turned and watched the triangle more, I tried to listen for engine noise. Nothing! Then, it just sort of “dematerialized” right in front of me… GONE!….NOTHING!…..the whole episode lasted maybe, a minute.

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