I saw UFO beam up a “buffalo” ( Watch the video here. )

By | November 2, 2009

I saw UFO beam up a buffalo  Watch the video here

STUNNED Derek Bridges has revealed how he shot extraordinary footage which UFO experts say shows aliens beaming a BUFFALO into their spaceship.

Pensioner Derek filmed the eerie scene from his window after spotting pulsating glowing orbs hovering over a neighbouring farm late at night.

The two bright lights hover high over fields, while an animal appears to dangle below before vanishing into them.

A high-pitched screeching noise can be heard before the UFOs finally disappear into the night.

Grandfather Derek, 69, said: “I couldn’t believe my eyes. I’m convinced it is the real thing.”

He told how he spotted the bizarre lights over a neighbouring farm as he looked out of his window while getting ready for bed at his house near Basingstoke, Hampshire.

Quick-thinking Derek grabbed his camcorder and began filming the incident above 2,500-acre Laverstoke Park Farm in Overton village at about 10.30pm.

It has one of the country’s biggest herds of water buffalo and is close to a military base used by special forces.

Derek said: “I just looked out of the window before going to bed. I wasn’t sure what I was seeing at the time.

“I have a keen eye and I could see something glowing which looked dark red about half a mile away.

“I kept looking at it for about 20 minutes and then suddenly a bright white light appeared which was very powerful.

“At that point I picked up my video camera and filmed what I saw. I saw two white lights lifting up and I just kept filming. The lights were high in the sky. They couldn’t have been anything on the ground.

“I did not realise at the time that something was dangling beneath but when I played it back the next day on a big screen I could see it there.

“I believe it’s a UFO and this animal, which could be a bison or a horse, seems to be being beamed up.

“As far as I know, this is the first time anyone in the world has filmed animal abduction….

via I saw UFO beam up a buffalo | The Sun |News.

Looks like lights and a string, probably a couple sky lanterns with something tied to them.   The “buffalo” never gets any closer to the “ship” so the beam wasn’t working very well.

2 thoughts on “I saw UFO beam up a “buffalo” ( Watch the video here. )

  1. dogsounds

    Ho hum, as always a totally unremarkable film. That could be anything. The object below the lights is just a smear and doesn’t actually move, other than due to camera shake, when it moves in relation to the lights.

    I would concede that it is wholly undeniable proof of the existence of lights.


  2. Wifey

    I would agree with your assessment, Dogsounds. 😉

    And of course, this is stamped with The Sun’s logo.

    I suppose we can send it to Hoagland and he can pull frames into PhotoShop. But then we may find out it’s actually a pyramid and not a buffalo at all =(

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