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By | November 19, 2008

While I don’t believe in psychic powers, I sometimes make predictions that come true anyway.

I had a dream right before 9/11/2001 about attacks on Washington by flying Chupacabras, for example.

I predict an earthquake greater than 4.5 in California (Bay area) in the next few days. Here is the USGS map you can watch to see if I’m right (click for update):


You should try making your own psychic predictions. Don’t think about it, just pull something out of thin air. What do you predict? Post your prediction here as a comment. The more specific, the better.

18 thoughts on “Post Your Psychic Prediction Here.

  1. Michael Smith

    Earthquake mag 6.1 off the east coast of Australia out from Magnetic Island near Townsville between 10/12/08 and 20/12/08

  2. Tina

    Major Earthquake predicted in North America between December 9th – 17th around 32 – 36 degrees latitude. I believe that it will either hit Southern California or New Madrid fault near Memphis. It will be mag 7 or greater. There will be several signs for this event such as unusal animal behavior and unusal clouds of different colors. This will be devastating to the US economy and the citizens will be very upset because FEMA will not respond as expected. It will also isolate the area to supplies from outside sources. Another major earthquake will hit within days or hours of this event in Eastern Hemisphere. These major earthquakes will be the onset of the next Great Depression.

    Good Luck and God Bless to all!

  3. caroline

    something very bad involving lots of water in the next couple of weeks. maybe a tsunnami, damn bursting. I dont know exactly.

  4. malvika

    Even though I honestly pray for this to not happen…………
    But I think that Obama is going to be the unluckiest president United States of America has ever seen. I must tell you that i am strong Obama supporter my self and I know by saying something like this I am dowsing millions of hopes. But I guess that’s the way it is supposed to happen.
    Things will seem fine at the start when Obama assumes his office. But tough and trying times lie ahead for him, conditions where he will try as he his level best but will unable to the situation. Absolute downfall of the U.S. economy and all the world over and despite an excellent foreign policy, failing foreign relations. I do not know if Mr. Obama if forewarned about this or told about it on precautionary grounds would still be able to stop what lies ahead for him.

    Good Luck To Mr Barack Obama and The United States of America

  5. Xeno Post author

    I think your doubts are leftovers from the last eight years. Obama could be the luckiest and one of the most effective presidents we’ve ever seen. Time will tell.

  6. William

    The third week of February 2009 there will be some type of disaster. It will effect our day to day work and it going to take some time for us to be back on track. Its a prediction that many important people know that Starting February the 3rd week is a begining of so many bad things that will slowly begin to happen to this world.
    We will see more people being laid off, more issue with terrorist,stock market will reach the 6,000 mark and gradually go back to 8,000. There will be some issues to deal with.

  7. Boyko Iliev

    The plate tectonic NOT makes the earthquakes.
    The moon makes the earthquakes as raising the earth crust.
    See more than 800 world earthquake predictions who happened.
    There will be an strong earthquake in Costa Rica on the 28th of March 2009.
    YouTube: BOYKOILIEV2008

  8. NextNostradamus

    Today is August 12th 2009, and I predict we’ll see a sex tape with Miley Cirus on the internet in the next 5 years.

  9. jon

    Sometimes I have visions, in dreams, and waking day, of the moon falling away from the earth. This event foretells a sizeable disaster. I believe that there will be a terrorist attack before xmas.

  10. RckyMtW

    Dec 16th – dream about a United Airlines jet crashing in very light snow, due to wind shear. With all my heart I pray this is not correct.

      1. Michael B.

        I was awakened by a voice which said, sharply, “Two miles up!” It may be related to the India airplane premonition.

  11. Michael B.

    One more. I have a growing sense of an earthquake possibility in or near Anchorage, Alaska in the next few days.

  12. quiet psychic

    Al kaida has recently aquired 2 russian nuke warheads. They plan to put them in the fault zone on la palma. Help assisting the f a ult failure. Four million is the toll.
    Too early to tell but m a ybe april

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