I Just Had Double Fist-Sized Abdominal Charlie Horses!

By | February 27, 2012

I Just Had Double Fist-Sized Abdominal Charlie Horses
Life is full of surprises. I’ve never had this happen before:  I was bent over, like doing crunches/sit ups, and then had a strong cough (I’m still getting over a flu).

The force of the cough in that position caused two fist-sized Rectus Abdominus muscles right under my rib cage on both the left and right side to simultaneously ball up, pressing against my diaphragm.

I reflexively stood up to stretch the cramped muscles. It felt like they would never relax. I had to wait for what seemed like a full minute until one finally did. The other followed about 20 seconds later. Freaky.

Wikipedia says:

Relief is usually given by either massaging or stretching the foot, ankle or knee in the opposite direction of the spasm.

Dietary { deficiency} of potassium may also cause these spasms. A simple way to increase potassium levels is to consume one average size banana.

via  Wikipedia

I missed my typical bananas for breakfast two days in a row. Just had one with dinner.

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  1. Sepp Hasslberger

    Hi Xeno – chew a pill of magnesium and you will see immediate relief.

    And don’t be shy about taking some magnesium as a preventive action … in supplement form.

    Obviously bananas just barely keep you afloat, but without any reserves to speak of.

  2. TheEagle

    I get these if it’s hot out/in gym and I’ve been sweating a lot and/or if I have worked my whole body to exhaustion.

    The solution is to just maintain constant hydration if it’s hot. If working to exhaustion an average sports drink will help. A soda or diet soda (the salt in it) can help. If you really for problems, a couple grams of Taurine is excellent!

    Also, stopping is another good idea. When my abs are cramping it pretty much means I’m done.

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