Hurts to swallow

By | January 3, 2009 AM: throat pain from  hell wakes me.

After several days exposure to second hand smoke, I got a sore throat.

My theory: unavoidable prolonged exposure to airborne poisons combined with a dash of seasonal stress and the wallop of a looming foreclosure lead to a viral infection.

I had  a fever for a few days, bloody phlegm and now pain with every swallow for the last 3 days + swollen glands, painful eyes (bloody sty for at least 4 days),  and congestion. I haven’t seen a doctor for a Strep test yet.

Some info here, and here:

It feels as though someone’s holding a lit match at the back of your throat. That raw, burning sensation seems to radiate to your whole head. And you know what that means: at least a few more days of discomfort, as your sore throat takes it course.

A sore throat is often the earliest symptom of a cold or the flu. But you can also get a sore throat for a lot of other reasons–from viral or bacterial infections, dry air, smoking, exposure to irritants or too much cheering at a hockey game.

A persistent, recurrent or severe sore throat, or one accompanied by fever, needs medical treatment. But many sore throats can be soothed by the simple remedies given here and should disappear within a week. – mothernature

Sleep,  salt water gargles, drinking water constantly and breathe right strips help the most. Throat coat teaAirborne,  good food (no loss of apatite)  help somewhat, but ouch, it still ouch, hurts every ouch, time I swallow.

My bloody esophagus curses you, smokers who don’t keep it to yourselves and over appraisers.

Sorry to hear about John Travolta’s son Jett. … and here are the uncensored  lyrics to that song that has been stuck in my head.

To me, Poison Rationality is anything that makes no sense to me, but apparently makes lots of sense to someone else out there. For instance, the fact that drug companies spend so much money putting out commercials for prescription drugs makes no sense to me, but obviously it makes enough sense to someone to spend millions of dollars doing it.

Poison Rationality. …

Ok… the song’s words are a little bit different. “Poison Rationality” is actually Poise and Rationality but the actual words do not match what I am trying to blog about here. Plus, whenever the song, I hear Poison Rationality. – ericshepard

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  1. nose snoring

    i suffer of snoring wich then turns into apnea 🙁
    anyway, a have used Breathe right strips wich helpled me.

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