Humans ‘hardwired for religion’

By | September 6, 2006

Humans hardwired for religion

The battle by scientists against “irrational” beliefs such as creationism is ultimately futile, a leading experimental psychologist said today. The work of Bruce Hood, a professor at Bristol University, suggests that magical and supernatural beliefs are hardwired into our brains from birth, and that religions are therefore tapping into a powerful psychological force.”I think it is pointless to think that we can get people to abandon their belief systems because they are operating at such a fundamental level,” said Prof Hood. “No amount of rational evidence is going to be taken on board to get people to abandon those ideas.” – guarduk

Nutty muggles.

One thought on “Humans ‘hardwired for religion’

  1. J-dub

    In practice, you don’t even have to believe in God to benefit from prayer, but it helps. I like to tell people “I don’t believe in God, but God believes in me.” … or “God told me it was OK not to believe in him.”

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