Humankind’s Alien Ancestry?

By | May 18, 2010 his 60 years of intensive research, Sitchin has proceeded step-by-step through a mass of ancient writings and artifacts culminating in the identification of the ancient Sumerian Puabi as an alien goddess, whose 4,500-year-old skeletal remains—discovered in the Royal Tombs of Ur—may still contain DNA from her alien home planet.

His theory is so startling and so revolutionary that it completely re-imagines the story of man, yet it is 100 percent consistent with the rendering of pre-Biblical texts by the Sumerians, Assyrians, and Babylonians.

Since DNA confirmation of an extraterrestrial presence on Earth could revolutionize science, religion, and history, the author has urged the Natural History Museum in London, where Puabi’s remains are stored, to conduct DNA comparisons with human genomes that have already been sequenced.

“It is my fervent hope that this book will convince the museum to conduct the tests,” says Sitchin, for the remains could reveal the DNA differences that represent our genetic missing link—that small but crucial group of “alien genes” that upgraded us from wild hominids to modern man some 300,000 years ago. …

via Press Release: Renowned Researcher Reveals Humankind’s Alien Ancestry.

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  1. Intrachresodist

    There is no reason to believe that “alien DNA” is at all compatible with human DNA. DNA is like a computer program, and it is executed by a chemical machine: 4 different molecules called nucleotides pair up inside two curving backbones of sugars and phosphate groups. The DNA is split into two parts and the nucleotides from one part are read in groups of 3, which is called a codon. There are 4^3 = 64 possible codons.

    Each codon is a code which maps to one of the 21 amino acids. There’s some duplication among the mapping, which means that different codons sometimes represent the same amino acid. And some codons are used to tell the
    machine when to stop. Sequences of amino acids form proteins, and proteins are machines which do interesting things inside and outside the cell.

    If aliens have DNA, there’s nothing to indicate that it has the same structure (double-helix) or the same nucleotides (A, C, G and T) or uses the same codon mapping or forms the same amino acids. If any of those things differ, then the so-called alien DNA will be completely incompatible with our DNA and it just won’t work.

    Furthermore, all life on Earth works as I have described above, from the tiniest single-celled bacteria through fungi, plants and animals. There are minor differences in the codon mapping between bacteria and everything else, but that’s about it. The pattern was established billions of years ago, and is so fundamental to life that any change in the pattern results in a non-viable organism.

    So if there’s alien DNA in our genes then it would have to have been placed there at the very beginning of life on earth, before the evolution of the cell. It’s a false premise to say that mankind couldn’t have evolved naturally from “wild hominids” and so aliens must have added their genes to make us.

    Of course Sitchin wants us to buy his book.

    In summary, this article is 100% nonsense.

    1. Xeno Post author

      Good summary. Earth may be one of a million different Petri dishes seeded and manipulated by a much older intelligent species from the stars. I don’t see why they’d have to use thier own DNA if they made adjustments to ours. But on the other hand I wonder if there is something special we don’t yet know about our particular amino acids in dynamic systems which makes them the natural “choice” for life in the universe.

      1. Intrachresodist

        Actually there are 22 standard amino acids. But lots more non-standard ones. So no, there’s nothing special about our particular amino acids except that they’re useful. Likewise proteins – there’s an endless variety of possible proteins, and the only special thing about the ones in your body is that they result in a viable organism.

        If Aliens had done genetic manipulation of our DNA (rather than using their own DNA on us) this would have been detected already by comparative DNA analysis of living species. Speciation points (the places where the evolutionary tree branched in the past) can be found by analysing the similarities and differences between the genes in DNA of living species. For example, we share some 96% of our genes with Chimpanzees. Some of those genes are different yet produce the identical protein because the genes use aliases in the codon mapping, i.e. a different triplet of (C,G,A,T) values results in the same amino acid, and hence the same protein. The rate of DNA change has been measured and so timescales in the millions of years can be estimated by looking at the extent of changes.

        We have sequenced Chimp DNA (common ancestor several million years ago) and Neanderthal DNA (common ancestor anything from 500k y.o. to over 1 million y.o., but extinct only 30k years) and if aliens had twiddled with our DNA at any time, it would stick out like a sore thumb.

        So we know the alien hypothesis is silly without having to exhume some mummified queen. There might be great reasons to do DNA analysis on ancient remains, but they don’t include testing if she’s a bug-eyed alien.


    Written by: Admin • Friday, August 06th, 2010


    Our history and our futures are written in our genes. Our genes can tell how many lives we’ve lived and how many lives we have left to live. Advanced beings have computers that monitor each and every one of us. I know that sounds scary but this is the way it’s been for a very, very, long time.

    When our time on the earth is finished, when we have developed the characteristics necessary to live in an eternal community, our genetic structure shows this because we no longer come back to live lives on the earth. Advanced beings have a particular interest in those who are not coming back! It is this signature frequency, they seek to synthesis.

    Immortality is not just a matter of replacing human organs with synthetic computerized organs.

    Immortality is a matter of frequency adaptation. In other words, God, our creator, has pre-programmed into our genes, escalating frequency signals that eventually give us the characteristics we need to live in this eternal community we call Paradise. Becoming this type of person is a product of evolution. This can’t be synthesized, it has to be experienced! However, advanced beings experience the frequency without having the experience.

    Advanced beings or aliens, have to synthesis most everything even sex. Because advanced beings must replace their organs with synthetic computerized organs, which do not use oxygen and they have no penises or vaginas. They do have sex of a sort, but it is a poor substitute.

    All advanced beings began life as human babies. They just happened to live in a time when society had developed these technologies and they were given the opportunities, such as they were, to do this.
    The advanced study of genetics is all about immortality. It is about solving the problem which plagues all matter…decay! Matter exists within a myriad of spectrums. A tree exists within the tree spectrum, a rock with a rock spectrum and people exist within a people spectrum. Our physical makeup is the final product of an electron signature that exits, is the smallest part of space. This signature, vectors up right through quantum space, right up to atomic space, where we can see it. As this signature vectors up, the particles become larger and larger until they reach the boundary of their pre-programmed spectrum.

    Decay results when the electrons that fill the spectrum that makes something what it is, begin to orbit out of the spectrum. Slowly, as this occurs, the signature for this particular piece of matter begins to change. The secret to immortality is having a computer advanced enough to continue altering the spectrum so that the electron or frequency signature is always within the spectrum.

    Advanced technology can slow it up a bit but divine technology; our creator’s technology can absolutely accomplish it. There is a big difference between divine technology and advanced technology. God allows us to have divine technology when we are willing to use it to help God accomplish her plan, when we have developed the characteristics necessary to live in an eternal community as we should have from the beginning.

    Life is about choice. If we didn’t have choices, we would only be machines. In fact, in the beginning we were just machines, our minds void of experiences; we were blank slates. Can you imagine the engineering issues associated with turning a machine into a human being? If you were God, how would you take these hydraulically run devices and turn them into family? You had to give them options, store the results of their choices on a hard drive and allow them to access to this hard drive, whenever they had other choices to make. It’s one thing to make a bad choice, we all have done that, but we use these choices to change the course of our lives to become stronger.

    Divine have the technology to be both human and immortal and advanced beings have been seeking this technology, since they became advanced. Divine beings also live under the earth, “out there,” or wherever, they are needed. Divine beings are completely human in every aspect, and they have a mission here…God’s plan! When we leave the planet, when we die, it is divine technology that gets from here to there in the blinking of an eye. All advanced craft have an aura, this includes advanced physiology. Auras are “other dimensional bodies.” Advanced space craft have an aura. This is how they move from one dimension to another. Dimensions are separated by pressure and particle signature. In order to move a craft from one dimension to another, they simply force electrons into conduits, which expand the craft from the inside to the limits of another dimensional spectrum. We came into this world with an aura; in fact, we have several of them. From a physiological point of view, these are other dimensional bodies other. Our other dimensional bodies are every bit as physical as the one we have now. When we are in the spectrum of another dimensional body, we see matter that exists within the spectrum of the body we are in. Other dimensions are just a matter of frequency signature. When we die, the part of us that makes us, us, just expands a bit from the inside and that’s all there is to death. One minute we are here and the next we are there… on our way to somewhere else, and it only takes a few seconds to get there.

    In order to move from one dimension to another, it takes electron power and a lot of it. They do this by forcing electrons into conduits which expand both craft and people into the desired dimension, which is accessible to them. Advanced beings can’t access all dimensions; they can’t generate enough power to get into some of them which are accessible to divine beings. One of the dimensions that cannot be accessed, is a fully function human other dimensional body, which means that it is so advanced that it is capable of being in this dimension we live which I refer to as the solar dimension and all of the other dimensions as well. In other words there is no door that this body cannot go through. God gave us this divine body to have when we are ready to use it, when we are ready to help God fulfill her plan for us all. Advanced beings are very interested in our genes; we’re all hooked in and have been for thousands of years. Their computers can tell them a lot when they look at our genes, where we’ve been and where we’re going. When we die, they wait for us to show up again in another life and they just keep monitoring us. However, they are particularly interested in certain people that have genes which reveal that they are not going to return again for another life. These people have reached the end of their journey and when they leave the planet, when they die, they will leave in their divine bodies and this is what they want! So they attempt to match the signature frequencies of these people to their own frequencies by downloading their genetic data into themselves.

    They understand that this practice is highly theoretical but is at least, at this particular juncture, the only theory they have left to try. The only other thing they would try if they could… would be, to find an energy source powerful enough to push a signal down into electron space which could alter their signature frequency but they don’t know where in the universe this much power can be generated. Scientists on the earth are experimenting with particles under great pressure. They put particles in magnetic fields (so called) or push them with big power generators hoping they will collide with one another as they are doing at CERN in Switzerland and a few other places around the world. Power and pressure exist within varying sizes of conduits that are located in “electron space”. There will come a time in our near future when scientists will open the door to other dimensions and eventually, this will lead to moving large objects such as craft from dimension to dimension. This kind of pressure will not be generated on the earth but out in space where electron activity is greatest, very near the sun.

    Electrons are forced out of the sun into conduits and are distributed all over our solar sector in the amounts necessary to keep our solar system running like a clock.

    Eventually scientists will discover how to map the inside of a neutron and then will discover from that where to go in the solar system to obtain the power they need to move craft and people from one dimension to another. When scientists discover other dimensions they will see our anatomy and physiology as it is, a multi- dimensional wonder and they will understand what makes us mortal and they will discover how to buffer the effects of death. They will follow the same path that others before them have followed and they will be tempted to make the same mistakes. Life is about choice, this is how we evolve, not just as individuals but as societies.

    The more we know, the less likely we will fall into the same trap that our advanced friends from down under fell into. We need to make the choice to become knowledgeable. Know what’s going on around us, the economy, politics, social unrest; these are all variables that affect our evolutionary path. We do matter! We do make a difference! God is always talking to us; stop telling God what you believe and listen to God tell you the way…

  3. scabaret

    All I have to say to you, Intrachresodist, is that sure, your fancy dna theories are all well and good, and quite correct, BUT, if an alien race has technology so powerful and advanced that they can travel to our planet, who is to day that they haven’t developed a way to splice two entirely different species together? It makes sense.

  4. Matthew K

    You all seem very knowledgeable about DNA and genes. I don’t presume to know much about the structure of the proteins and amino acids BUT – I did read an article in the Chicago Tribune’s Parade magazine back in the 1990’s which had a picture of a glowing bunny rabbit on the cover. Apparently scientists had successfully spliced the DNA of a jeelyfish with that of a rabbit and impregnated the surrogate rabbit mother with the spliced egg. Voila! Glow in the dark bunny rabbits.

    Intrachresodist seems very certain of himself/herself but I am in agreement with Scabaret. Perhaps none of us are as smart as we think we are or would like to think we are. And the one certainty I have come to know in my life is if we can dream it – we can make that dream come true – no matter how wild or impossible it may seem. It’s just a math problem that waits for a solution. Even moving a star is possible my friends. Thanks for the great thoughts. Keep up the debate.

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