Human Dominoes Smash Guinness World Record

By | July 16, 2012

Human Dominoes Smash Guinness World Record

The volunteers, most of whom were domino lovers, first carefully arranged and leaned against 1,001 mattresses in an empty section of a shopping mall in Shanghai.

They were careful not to fall back and ruin the attempt before it even started.

The first volunteer, who was standing in front of an upright mattress and was coordinating the event by radio, told the other volunteers: “First of all, we need good teamwork.

“All the participants, from the first to the last, must act like one person, and that is dominoes.

“Then it must be accurate. The mattresses must be evenly arranged. It’s one of the characteristics of dominoes.”

The team leader, who was gripping his mattress with both hands, then fell backwards, knocking into the second person in the chain and starting the domino effect.

It was 10 minutes before the last one came down to finish the rally.

Crowds of onlookers cheered as the last volunteer standing was finally toppled over. …


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