Huge Pre-Stonehenge Complex Found via “Crop Circles”

By | June 19, 2009

Image: Etched into crops, the outlines of Bronze Age burial mounds surround a roughly 190-foot (57-meter) circular Stone Age temple site about 15 miles (24 kilometers) from Stonehenge in southern England in an undated aerial photo.

Given away by strange, crop circle-like formations seen from the air, a huge prehistoric ceremonial complex discovered in southern England has taken archaeologists by surprise.

A thousand years older than nearby Stonehenge, the site includes the remains of wooden temples and two massive, 6,000-year-old tombs that are among “Britain’s first architecture,” according to archaeologist Helen Wickstead, leader of the Damerham Archaeology Project.

For such a site to have lain hidden for so long is “completely amazing,” said Wickstead, of Kingston University in London.

Archaeologist Joshua Pollard, who was not involved in the find, agreed. The discovery is “remarkable,” he said, given the decades of intense archaeological attention to the greater Stonehenge region.

“I think everybody assumed such monument complexes were known about or had already been discovered,” added Pollard, a co-leader of the Stonehenge Riverside Project, which is funded in part by the National Geographic Society. (The National Geographic Society owns National Geographic News.)

Six-Thousand-Year-Old Tombs

At the 500-acre (200-hectare) site, outlines of the structures were spotted “etched” into farmland near the village of Damerham, some 15 miles (24 kilometers) from Stonehenge (Damerham map).

Discovered during a routine aerial survey by English Heritage, the U.K. government’s historic-preservation agency, the “crop circles” are the results of buried archaeological structures interfering with plant growth. True crop circles are vast designs created by flattening crops.

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  1. Marcus Patman

    These are amazing times we live in! I’ve been able to decode a few of these crop circles that have appeared in recent times. To see some examples check out my blog. Take care!

    1. Xeno Post author

      Hi Marcus,

      Yes, amazing times! I stopped by your blog. I see that three circles inspired you to have some nice thoughts and that you seem really into the New Age religion.

      When people talk about dowsing Auras and the Chakra systems, I get puzzled because in my world “energy” is something you can measure.

      As far as I can tell, the “energy” of which you speak is none of the known types of real energy: Mechanical, Elastic potential, Kinetic, Surface tension, Sound, Pressure, Gravitational, Thermal, Electric, Electrostatic, Electric capacitive potential, Electricity, Magnetic, Electromagnetic, Chemical, Nuclear, or Rest Mass Energy.

      New Age interactions seem so round about. Instead of just coming out and saying they like a person, my New Age friends say things like, they sense that the person is surrounded by positive spirits, or that the person is glowing with a healthy Aura, that their energy is vibrating at a renewal frequency.

      With these Aura’s you see, you might consider the possibility that you have Palinopsia, which is where you see afterimages more than most people. An afterimage exists only in the visual system of the observer. If you close your eyes, the world does not disappear. Similarly, if you see an after image around a person when you stare at them for a while, it does not mean they have an Aura.

      Pages like this one:

      The Aura around humans is partly composed from EM (electromagnetic) radiation, spanning from microwave, infrared (IR) to UV light. The low frequency microwave and infrared part of the spectrum (body heat) seems to be related to the low levels of the functioning of our body (DNA structure, metabolism, circulation etc.) whereas high frequency (UV part) is more related to our conscious activity such as thinking, creativity, intentions, sense of humor and emotions. Russian scientists, who seem to be about 3 decades ahead of everyone else in Aura research, make experiments suggesting that our DNA can be altered, by influencing its microwave Aura. The high frequency UV part is very important and most interesting but largely unexplored. And this part can be seen with naked eyes.

      … seem to me to be just creative writing. The naked eyes “see” nothing, just as a camera “sees” nothing. It takes a nervous system to see something, and the way the human visual system interprets color information is by processing signals from cones and rods in our retinas in an antagonistic manner. (See opponent process theory)

      There are three opponent channels: red versus cyan, blue versus yellow, and black versus white. Responses to one color of an opponent channel are antagonistic to those to the other color. Therefore, a green image produces a magenta afterimage. A green color you stare at for a long time causes the green photoreceptors to eventually stop responding, so they produce a weaker signal. Less green, is interpreted as its paired primary color, which is magenta (red). You can see this effect by staring at this image, then looking at a white piece of paper. You will see a red white and blue flag as an after image. This is what is happening when you read someone’s aura.

      We must each ask ourselves, “Am I confusing the container with the content, the observer with the observed, within with without?”

      Take care!

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