Huge bright cross, orb sighted, aliens blamed for power cut + Nuremberg UFO woodcut explanation?

By | November 6, 2008
The above is a woodcut depicting one of the most amazing UFO sightings. This happened in 1541, before we had planes or air balloons …
At dawn of April 4, in the sky of Nuremberg (Germany), a lot of men and women saw a very alarming spectacle where various objects were involved, including balls “approximately 3 in the length, from time to time, four in a square, much remained insulated, and between these balls, one saw a number of crosses with the color of blood. Then one saw two large pipes, in which small and large pipes, were 3 balls, also four or more. All these elements started to fight one against the other.” (Gazette of the town of Nuremberg). – ufology
As the sign says, “I want to believe” in aliens. This Nuremberg sighting has had me believing in the possibility of aliens on earth more than others because of the detail and the date. Also, the ergot poisoning explanation is absurd to me. Ergot causes physical hallucinations, but not visual ones.  Anyway, this woodcut has been something I think about from time to time for years. Tonight, I stumbled upon something which may explain this event. Looking at the historical context a year before the sighting:
1540: Vannoccio Biringuccio published “De La Pirotechnia” (On Pyrotechnics) the first book on metallurgy to be published in Europe. It was in Italian and contained several chapters on the preparation and use of rockets in warfare and festivals. – Xeno’s UFO Time Line
The most rational explanation, then, is that someone in Germany read Biringuccio’s text and created a fireworks show. Hot air balloons weren’t invented for a few hundred years, so my idea is a little weak. But this could be hydrogen filled balls and tubes used to lift fireworks into the sky. Fuses could have exploded some of them. Rockets on timed fuses inside of them could have made them jet around.
Then as now, there may be human reasons for odd crosses and orbs in the sky…. or not. You be the judge.
Here is another cross and orb sighting from around the end of October 2008 in Lancashire UK. Are the aliens from 1541 returning?
Aliens are being blamed for a massive power cut which affected more than 14,000 people in Chorley. Last week, thousands of homes and businesses across the borough were left in semi-darkness when two primary sub stations lost power for several minutes.

John Szwarc, of Greenside, Euxton, was travelling along Runshaw Lane in his car at the time of the blackout and says he saw two strange objects flying across the sky. He said: “There were two UFOs. The main one was a huge bright cross which shone with a brilliant silver colour, although my wife thought that it was more a gold colour.

“There was also a small globe or circular object close to it composed of the same uncanny brilliance. “Both were static in the daylight sky and both disappeared at exactly the same moment. I am aware that electrical power cuts have been associated with UFO activity in the past.”

He added: “The cross was very big and very imposing and altogether weird looking. “It didn’t last very long, perhaps just a few seconds before it went, but it was long enough for us to realise that what we were seeing was quite alien to the sky.

“It certainly wasn’t space debris or anything like that.”

United Utilities confirmed the power cut but said they did not detect any signs of extraterrestrial involvement. A company spokesman said: “There was a fault on a cable in a sub station. There can be a number of reasons for such a fault but we didn’t find any aliens. “And we have never had any reports of faults being caused by unidentified flying objects.”

A spokesperson for the MoD said: “No reports of aliens or UFO sightings have come across my desk but you can be sure we will be on the lookout in future.” The sighting has now been reported to the British UFO Research Association (BUFORA), which is based in London, for further investigation. – lep

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