How to Lock Down Facebook Privacy, hahahaha

By | July 9, 2013

How to Lock Down Facebook Privacy, hahahaha

Facebook privacy settings are complex and, to make things more difficult, they change on a regular basis.

We explored how to lock down your Facebook account’s privacy settings, for both your public profile and under the hood. Follow this simple step-by-step process to make sure you’re not sharing anything outside your comfort zone.

Taking some time to lock down your Facebook privacy settings is a good idea. When Facebook makes future changes, it will be easier to keep on top of what’s new. Take a look below for our privacy walkthrough. …

You can create a totally top secret Facebook group that only you, and people you invite to join, can see. …

I saw this article and got very annoyed. Facebook shares everything with the NSA, no matter what “settings” you use. If you care about privacy, delete your Facebook account and talk to people in person. If you really want privacy, talk to only people who are not on Facebook, who do not use Apple, Microsoft, Yahoo, Google or Skype. Good luck with that. If you want privacy, demand that the NSA stop recording everything. Good luck with that too.


Facebook security chief goes to work for the NSA

Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo, Google could resist the spying…

But they give access…

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