How to be in two places at once

By | January 21, 2009

    I accomplished this one time in my life, but I did do it, so I know it is possible: I was in two places at once. During a lucid dream, I woke up very slowly, and for at least 6 seconds I could feel both my dream body and my waking body. In my dream body, right before I woke up, I got into my bed and I lay down where I really was sleeping. My dream body was on its stomach, but my real body was on its back. For those 6 seconds, the two were superimposed over each other, but in different positions. Thus, I experienced being in two places at once by being partly asleep.

    Here is how to have an Out of Body Experience:

    After you are settled and ready to go to sleep, tell yourself that you are going to catch yourself in the act of going to sleep and then lift out of your physical body. Just be clear about your intent. You are going to let your body go to sleep, but you will remain alert throughout the entire procedure. Tell yourself that you will retain consciousness even while your body is going into the “trance” of sleep.

    Now, watching yourself go to sleep is kind of like watching a pot of water boil. Trying to stay too alert may interfere with your efforts. Therefore, a gentle sort of alertness is what is required. Just let yourself relax into sleep and observe the process. The idea is to learn to recognize the rather strange but distinctive sensations you feel as your body moves into the sleep state and stay aware as this unfolds. At a certain point you will realize that you are in the hypnagogic state, the state between waking and sleeping. A slight variation on this theme is to give yourself the suggestion that you are going to become aware in the middle of the transition to sleep. Instead of “watching yourself,” suggest that you will pay attention as soon as you feel your body starting to get numb, and then just let your mind drift. Your suggestions might go something like this:

    I am going to have an out-of-body experience. I am going to become alrt and aware as soon as I start to fall asleep (or as soon as my body feels numb).
    I am going to become alert and aware in the middle of falling asleep, and then will lift out of my body.
    2. Once you succeed in catching yourself in the act of moving through the early stages of sleep, you will be in the hypnagogic state. You will still be in your body, but definitely not in the normal state of consciousness. You may very well feel as though you’re paralyzed since you may no longer have control over your physical muscles. There are other, “inner” muscles, however, awaiting your direction. You may feel strange, tingling sensations and hear weird sounds. Your body may feel numb. After a few times, though, these feelings will become famililar and clue you in to what is going on. You may be able to see right through your eyelids. Just relax and simply will yourself to lift out. This is not difficult to do. You will feel a definite sensation of detaching. Just go with it and move out fast and easy. If you want, you can imagine you are as light as a helium ballon as you will yourself to lift out. … – link

    After you are out, fly around, do something you’ve always wanted to do.  Meet your favorite celebrity, your soul mate, or some intelligent aliens, or find a cure for something, or visit another planet … the possibilities are endless.  Many people enjoy flying. I’ve tried shooting lightning from my fingertips, elongating body parts, floating through closed windows, turning on lights, using a telephone, reading, singing underwater, and at one point I found a friend whom I knew kept a dream journal to see if she would record my visiting her.

    To stay in the dream if you feel yourself waking, hold your arms out and spin around. This stabilizes your dream body image.

    To get out of a dream at any time, stop moving and stare at something for six seconds. This trick works because rapid eye movements are needed to keep dreaming.

    That’s it!

    Published: Jan 20, 2009. Update: Jan 6, 2016. Added a time lapse photo I took of Laura and I on a beach at Maui about Jan 6, 2012 where we got engaged. We were practicing dreaming together. The goal was to meet on a beach in a dream and throw a small ball of water back and forth.

    3 thoughts on “How to be in two places at once


      when i was younger i would have constant night terrors

      now in my teen years i have grown curiosity about what they are and if i could possibly control them

      i have been ‘forcing’ myself every night to feel the same sensation of where i would feel practically paralyzed, but it seems like fear is setting in every time and i have to repeatedly twitch my body until im out of paralysis

      although, i do remember well that during the early stages of my night terrors, it was possible to see things while walking around my house, even tho my eye lids were closed

      i think tonight i will let it play out and take your advice on attempting to achieve an ‘out-of-body’ experience

    2. matthewh

      this seems a lot like sleep paralysis, which i suffer from occasionally.
      It is a terrifying experience, you feel as your not alone and there is something evil or menacing with you and you cant move.
      Maybe this way i can change my experiences.

    3. Pauline Moss

      I had the same experience in the early hours of this morning (that’s why I’m on here looking it up). My other self was returning to bed from a visit to the toilet and I found I (myself) was already in bed. There was a strange sensation as my two self’s realigned and became one. It was extremely weird.

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