How Palin’s Yahoo Account Was Hacked

By | September 25, 2008

… Rubico allegedly became interested in Palin’s e-mail after reading media reports of her using a Yahoo Mail account. He decided to try to access it by resetting her password. “It took seriously 45 minutes on Wikipedia and Google to find the info [needed],” Rubico claimed. “Birthday? 15 seconds on Wikipedia. ZIP code? Well, she had always been from Wasilla, [Alaska], and it only has two ZIP codes (thanks, online postal service!).”

Rubico said it was harder to find the answer to one of the other questions needed for a password recovery: Where had Palin met her husband? After some digging, Rubico determined that the couple first met at Wasilla High School.

He said he used the information to reset Palin’s password and go through her e-mail to see for anything incriminating that might “derail her campaign.”

It was only after finding nothing that the hacker realized how easily he could be caught, since he had used only one proxy to access the account. So he decided to make access to it available to others on the /b/ board by posting Palin’s recently reset password. Rubico claimed that he “then promptly deleted everything and unplugged my Internet and just sat there in a comatose state.”

However, one of the other members of the bulletin board whom Rubico described as a “White knight f…,” saw the thread and used the new password to go back into Palin’s account and reset it. That person then sent an e-mail to a “friend of Palin’s” informing her of the new password and what had happened, Rubico claimed. – computerworld

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